Ridiculous statements of cardinals

Two of the more outrageous statements emanating from the  papabile.

First,Cardinal Schoenborn of Vienna who really should know better.

“God has already chosen the pope.”

Maybe he’s a crypto-Presbyterian.It’s all predetermined!

What about human agency, the dignity of people who have  critical minds to discuss, evaluate, challenge?

The next dumb line came from Cardinal Ouelette.


In talking to peter Mansbridge he said that some things have already been discerned, referring to women priests..

Discerned by whom?

Given that the Holy spirit  is given to the whole church and each of us has a “sensus fidei”, have we been heard on this issue?

This was typical of too many of these men, thinking that they are the sole voices of the Church. They are not.Too many are absolutely tone deaf and totally disinterested in what the spirit is saying at this time in history. Their ears have been stopped.

They are well described in Mark’s gospel :  “Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? “ (Mk.8:18)



  1. 1
    Sue Hickey Says:

    Good point as usual Ted. Wondering however, on a totally different topic, Richard III is going to be re-interred in the spring. Contrary to the tales about the King, it’s questionable that he had his nephews killed. Apparently, from all the reading I’ve done, Richard was basically a devout young King, a pious Roman Catholic, did a lot for the poor, brought in the right to bail, championed the free press, devoted to his young wife and child, and did not sleep around.and British Catholics want him reburied with a Catholic rite. Personally, judging by the facial reconstruction, our Richard III was a very good-looking young man and described by contemporaries as such. No wonder this medieval hottie has more fans than Justin Bieber.should Rich have the Catholic ceremonies?


  2. 2

    Are you some kind of a nut? You praise a brutal dictator in the following article, and yet you despise the bishops of the Church for their dictatorship. You are a lost cause. You are in your own little world. It is nothing short of comic relief to read this material. This is hilarious, how you have allowed yourself to be so utterly blinded by passion. I wouldn’t be so dumb as to think that I can get you to see things differently, you are just way too deep into the liberal nut house that there no getting out now, but how is it that you can be so cut off from the great theology, philosophy, and psychology available today, not to mention the most brilliant economists of the past 40 years? Do you live in a bubble? Do you just read from the leftist/socialist delusional news sources that still manage to find a few readers who refuse to believe that the 60s and 70s are behind us? This is incredible. Keep writing. I need to study this. It’s a lesson in human nature. I find it amazing how anger and projection twist the vision. Please keep writing. I am trying to imagine a world in which things are as you would like them to be: Brutal socialist dictators, a Church without any definite moral teaching, a Church light on morality, female priests and bishops, democracy in the Church, elections for bishops and pope–after all, why should the whole Church be excluded from electing our pope? Why just these “Cardinal elites”? We need a world in which everyone is taken care of by the government. Bring back Das Kapital. You’ll find them in used bookstores all across North America, at low cost, because no one wants them. But that’s the gospel that is going to save us. Bring it back. Forget Friedman and Hayek and Mises and all these others who didn’t know what they were talking about. Socialism is what we need. And let’s destroy all those parts in the writings of Leo XIII that condemn socialism, and all those parts of Catholic social teaching that speak positively about the free market. We need big government. Maybe Justin Trudeau is the hope of this country. Maybe he’ll bring back the spirit of his father and expand the size of government. Anyways, thanks for these two articles. Just keep writing, because humor is so important today.

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