Next conclave: Habemus feminam



Black smoke   No Pope

White smoke  A pope

Pink smoke: Habemus feminam!

It’s Sr. Joan Chittister


Miriam 1



  1. 1

    Is Joan Chittister a man? Why do all these women look the same? Unattractive, thick neck, broad shoulders, overweight, etc. They look like union presidents. Is that why they are so anti-male? Because no male has ever taken an interest in them? Why is it that nice looking women, attractive, beautiful, intelligent, married, love being women and have no use for all this talk of patriarchy and inequality and domination, blah, blah, blah? Why is it that they just don’t identify with “women” like Chittister? Why aren’t they on fire with all this anti-male ideological nonsense? Probably because they feel good about themselves, they feel loved, appreciated, their daddies took an interest in them, hugged them, told them that they were pretty and beautiful, etc. The result: They’re okay with men. They are attracted to men. They don’t look with suspicion upon men. They don’t read into them a desire for power and control. They are emotionally healthy. Unlike all these “broken” women who love the navel gazing retreats that people like Joan Chittister give, where they all read people like Henri Nouen and Jean Vanier talking about our “brokenness”, our “woundedness”, our need for healing and hugs, yada yada yada, etc. Why don’t we see any of these young healthy attractive young women on these retreat? Because they can’t identify with these WWF Women’s Wrestling types like Joan Chittister who are so wounded they just can’t look at a man with any kind of objectivity. There’s the irony. An entire retreat on our woundedness, brokenness, weakness, frailty, etc., and yet they cannot see that their entire worldview is shaped by their own real woundedness. Get help, people! Just get help! There are all sorts of good psychologists that will gladly offer you help. They’ll sign you up for some major league hug sessions, you can cry, get it out, and then get on with life. Get a real job, do something for the country, quit living out of the past. The 60s is behind us. It’s over. It’s 2013. Parenting has improved tremendously, there are all sorts of healthy young ladies around, who pray, who love the Church, who are not all caught up with the need to wear a clerical shirt and be the center of attention and in positions of authority. The Church has always known that women do the most important work. Who was the most important person in Christ’s life? A woman! Yes, a woman! His own mother. There are 2/3 more female saints than male saints. Being up front in the spot light is NOT wear it’s at, so get over it! Get a membership at Goodlife Fitness, lose some weight, get a real job, and stop you’re damn whining.

  2. 2
    cynthia8and5 Says:

    Although the flippant tone of the above blog comment could lead to a misconstruing of the true kernels of wisdom contained therein, I agree whole heartedly with its essence and sentiment. I am tired of women “in” the Church who feel the need to speak for me. I am a fulfilled and faithful woman who loves the Church and all it has to offer. Mary is my role model. She gives us all a beautiful example to live by. Mary herself has spoken throughout history, unfortunately never (and obviously) directly to “Joan”. I would not want to compare myself to Joan and would find it difficult to find the solace and guidance I know I need from a woman who so obviously only believes in the Church of self. I will pray for Joan and her ilk.

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