Obama ‘s weasel words in Israel/Palestine



It is not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own,” Obama told hundreds of Israeli students in a speech in Jerusalem. “Palestinians have a right to be free people in their own land.”

Yes, the president even asked Israelis to “look at the world through their eyes.” Obama is good at this.

Nice words but no action.

Predictably Obama said zoltz about the settlements, rien, nada, nothing. No matter how you cut it this was  a stunning ommission.The biggest stumbling block to peace in Israel/Palestine.

Jewish blogger Richard Silverstein aptly and somewhat cynically summed up this whole charade.

He even pulled out the “tikun olam” trump card.  Whenever someone wants to establish their Jewish social justice bona fides they tout their commitment to tikun olam and that, presto change-o, turns them into a morally conscientious Jew (or Jewish ally).  I got news for ya, Barack. Ya don’t walk the talk.  That phrase means something and you don’t get to invoke it without earning the right to.  You’ve got a Nobel Peace Prize?  Ya didn’t earn that either.  It may turn out to be the most embarrassing Nobel Prize moment in history.

Here is a timorous president who could turn off the spigot of America’s non-stop funding of injustice in the Middle East.


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    wmgrace Says:

    Therefore retired lives, whatever people may say, accomplish duties as harsh and strenuous as other lives, or more so. And private persons, says Aristotle, render higher and more difficult service to virtue than those who are in authority. We prepare ourselves for eminent occasions more for glory than for conscience. The shortest way to glory would be to do for conscience what we do for glory. —

    Montaigne 1580

    Maybe the above can help explain why Obama finds it almost impossible to act constructively to bring about an accord between Israel and Palestine. And why real journalists are so important in our world today.

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