Phil Donohue’s truthful movie about Amerika



The thing I wonder about the Dads and Moms

Who send their sons to the Vietnams

Will they really think their way of life

Has been protected as the next war comes?

I have prayed for America

I was made for America

Her shining dream plays in my mind

By the rockets red glare

A generation’s blank stare

We better wake her up this time

Jackson Browne “For America

“They stand mute “says Phil Donohue to Chris Hedges. They the drugged out consumers of TV and escapist films. The walking dead. Life’s passive spectators seduced by corporate entertainment, mindless sitcoms and the sports juggernaut, a large part of the best entertained and least informed people on the planet.

Donahue a Catholic with a conscience was sacked for his principled rejection of the war in Iraq, The father of serious afternoon journalism wax sacked in 2003 from the putatively liberal MSNBC network for his stance. Remember the abuse Michael Moore took the same year after his prophetic outburst at the Academy Awards.

To me it is ironic how social justice permeated the Catholic bones of these two men while the official mitres remained mute.

Abraham Heschel wrote:

In biblical days, prophets were astir while the world was asleep;today the world is astir while the Church and the synagogue are busy with trivialities.

Well war and sentimental patriotism are never trivial.


It takes a mensch to stand against them.

Donohue never worked on TV again. For four years he worked on a powerful documentary Body of War based on the massive suffering of paralyzed Iraq War veteran Tomas Young.

You can guess what happened in the United States of Amnesia,

Please we want escape, car chases, cheap sex, any kind of mind candy but hardly ever  filmic truth.

Too depressing the commercial verdict. No promotion. Brief openings in a few major cities then nada, It will be university campuses, art houses etc.

As TS Eliot said, “Humankind can not bear much reality.”

And the BS artists who promoted the war—Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz, Feith and the the talking heads at Fox they still roll on with their toxic lies and venom. Those were the ones who sanitized the war, their brazen faces still outside the bars of a jail

As Donohue lamented, “Nobody sees the pain.” Not in the fantasy dream world of television.Not in the movies.Not in the daily papers.



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    This is my only reply to this silly article:

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    Anyone looking rationally at intellectual disciplines will realize that economics is a kind of pseudo-science. If 49francesco thinks that Milton Freidman has anything rational to say, I’ll post videos of Captain Kangaroo to refute him. Friedman was a rather sinister fellow who provided talking points and cover for some rather sinister shills like Ronald Regan, Brian Mulroney and Margaret Thatcher.

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