Good Friday 2013


We know Pharaoh is always with us, so in that realization  a small group of Catholic  teachers (Teachers for Social Justice) began this ongoing tradition in 1979. It quickly became  ecumenical and is a  welcome antidote to the  privatized spirituality in evidence today. The original crucifixion was a publi event and it placed in sharp contrast the  values of empire andf social justice.Crucifixion today is organized globally by corporate worldview which continues to place too many people on the margins of life. Christians today must be in the vanguard of taking people off history’s manifold crosses.

Marginalized Youth, Idle No More and the Sanctuary Movement to protect vulnerable refugee claimants will be the focus of ‘stations’ for the Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice March 29. The annual event begins at 2 p.m. at the Church of the Holy Trinity, beside the Eaton Centre.

These three themes reflect issues of which the public has become acutely aware through recent events. The Ecumenical Walk in the downtown core – preceded and followed by worship in the church – links the injustice and suffering endured by Jesus of Nazareth 2000 years ago with injustices that afflict large segments of the population today.

A simple vegan meal follows the closing worship in the church at about 4:30 p.m.

The Mission Statement for the Ecumenical Good Friday Walk says, “Jesus entrusted us with an amazing gift: the gift of knowledge about what the real purpose of our lives is, a purpose dramatically at odds with a world marked by violence, oppression and alienation for far too many. … Conversion of our own lives and of the death-dealing power systems of our times is within our reach. … as we walk, we journey together with Jesus, enacting a hope that can be for all people, that had, and still has, the power to confront the myriad forces of death, and overcome them.”

The Ecumenical Walk for Justice began 33 years ago as an alternative to traditional Good Friday Stations of the Cross services  draws some 300 people from the GTA. Walk organizers are from the Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, United and Anglican Churches and Christian Peacemaker Teams. Everyone who wishes to participate is invited to join the walk on March 29.

Good Friday flyer 2013 (final2)



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    Updating one’s theology?
    Years ago I, for some unknown reason, participated in the Good Friday Walk in Toronto, Canada. It deepened my faith, and enriched my life. Here’s a commentary on this year’s opportunity to ACT theologically.

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    Idle No More? The chiefs are going to join the Good Friday walk? I somehow doubt that. Are we aware of the truth Idle No More? Let’s watch this before the Good Friday walk, so that we walk without delusion:

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