St.Oscar Romero—no kidding


The official Vaticanese  language recently  stated that Archbishop Oscar Romero’s sainthood cause has been “unblocked.”

Well who was blocking it in the first place?

The answer John Paul ll, Benedict XVl and the whole curial apparatus who slavishly took their cues from the power centre. Much to their embarrassment these men never grasped the holiness of Romero or the reality of El Salvador. They listened to the wealthy landowning class “who preferred to dine with the military junta than break bread with the poor.”(David Yallop) They  kept repeating the cheap mantra that Romero was a dupe of the Marxists or Communists, a secret proponent of the feared liberation theology. The detractors of Romero inside the church used the canard that there were “theological errors” in his writings. John Paul ll was  persuaded by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith under the Eastern European Cardinal Franjo Seper  to reassign Romero. John Paul ll had the order to do this on the day Romero was martyred. Previously;y the pope had humiliated Romero by making him wait four weeks for an audience. Later it was reported the pope regretted this.

After the Archbishop was murdered while sayinh mass, an italian judge wrote to the paper Corriere  della Sera:

“Why did the traveling pope not immediately set off for San Salvador to pick up the chalice that had been dropped from Romero’s hands and continue the mass which the murdered archbishop had begun?”

The answer was John Paul ll simply failed to understand the stunning oppression of the Salvadoran people and the brave  archbishop who  had become their greatest advocate. Much like he failed to understand the papal sycophant the disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Marcial Maciel Degollado. The latter, a serial abuser poured millions into Vatican coffers and gained papal trust. In 2004  John Paul ll ordained 60 Legionaries in the Vatican labelling  Maciel as the perfect example of priesthood to be followed by these young priests.  Well maybe not and certainly not Romero.

Within months of his martyrdom Oscar Romero was hailed as a saint by much of the Latin American world but the officials including the pope could not  admit that they had horribly misjudged an authentic disciple of Jesus.

And now within six weeks of becoming pope another Latin American who understands the region and the popular sainthood of Romero has “unblocked” the whole process.

Another nice move by Pope Francis.



  1. 1

    The point is, it has been unblocked. First, you provide no evidence that it was blocked, you provide no evidence for the reasons you put forth as to why it was “blocked”; it is more likely that this is simply speculation on your part, an untested idea rooted in your twisted way of viewing the Church and the judgments that result from it. But the Vatican is always careful with who it investigates for sainthood. But the fact is, he’s going to be canonized. It does not matter who perpetuates lies, it does not matter that saintly men believed those lies (if that is in fact what happened, but I doubt it, primarily because you said it), what matters is that the truth prevails in the Church, the Holy Spirit does not permit the truth to be suppressed. All this shows is that the Church really is guided by the Holy Spirit, that the gates of hell indeed try and continue to try to prevail against the Church, but it cannot prevail, because Christ said it will not. So your rants are pointless.

  2. 2

    All I had to do was 30 seconds of investigating, and I get something that throws an entirely different light on this situation than the cynical slant of Teddy the “theologian”:

    Although both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have said publicly that Romero was a martyr for the faith, there’s also been some question as to whether his death meets the classic test for martyrdom of being killed in odium fidei, meaning “in hatred of the faith,” or whether the motives were more social and political.

    If Romero is judged a martyr, he could be beatified without having a miracle attributed to his intercession.

    Both have said publicly that Romero was a martyr of the faith! Isn’t that revealing that Ted left this out. The next line is also significant: “there’s also been some question as to whether his death meets the classic test for martyrdom of being killed in odium fidei, meaning “in hatred of the faith,” or whether the motives were more social and political.

    In other words, the “question” has nothing to do with Romero, but with the motives of the killers. Again, Ted gets an idea and runs with it, without bothering to check it, test it, to see whether it conforms to reality. What matters is that the idea fits into Ted’s vision of what the world and the Church is like. Reality is not important. Let’s just paint a picture in which the two previous Popes listen to members of the brutal oligarchy–probably because they donated money or some other scandalous condition–, suggesting that Romero was a communist. Yes, the Popes blocked it because they had questions about Romero’s character.

    The reality: they wondered at the motives of the killer(s). Did they hate the faith? Or was this a politically motivated act. They killed lawyers who supported land reform, but these lawyers are not martyrs. They didn’t die for the faith. They died for taking a position that was contrary to the brutal oligarchy. They died for what they believed in, and what they stood for was just. So, they are heroes. But they are not martyrs. And this is the point: Ted reduces Catholicism to social justice, and so whoever dies for a just cause is a martyr. But if Catholicism cannot be reduced to social justice–but includes it–, then dying for a good cause does not make one a martyr. I could be killed for trying to protect a lady from being mugged. That makes me a hero, but not a martyr.

    But here’s the crunch: both Popes thought he was a martyr! That didn’t stop Ted from trying to defile their character. Do you all see what kind of person Ted is? He’s not a serious theologian. He’s not a faithful member of the Catholic Church. He is a bitter old man who has been led astray by his arrogance, his unresolved anger issues, and his blind devotion to the socialist politics of the 60s. Like so many who are of his generation, he has not gone one step beyond the 60s.

    I think I’m going to go to YouTube and listen to some John Lennon and talk to the monitor…call him my “bro”…Bro Lennon. You’re my man bro Lennon. You understood religion, unlike our stuffy Popes.

    Peace to my bros out there…

  3. 3

    ted, the dogs bark, the caravan moves on. keep up the good work!

  4. 4
    wmgrace Says:

    The Irish Independent quotes Leonardo Boff as saying, “Pope Francis comes with the perspective many of us in Latin America share. In our churches we do not discuss theological theories, [as in] European churches. Our churches work together to promote universal causes, causes like human rights, from the perspective of the poor, the destiny of humanity that is suffering, services for people living on the margins.” (The article states that John Paul II and Benedict XVI, blocked his beatification because of their opposition to liberation theology.)

    Things are lookin up.

  5. 5

    I wonder if Dennis actually read the first two posts. He is utterly oblivious to reason. As for wmgrace, nebulous fluff. The churches here try to work together to promote universal causes as well, like human rights, rights for the unborn for example, but many who belong to those churches do not join in, because of fear and the desire to be politically correct. The NDP Catholics like Ted are just like the Catholics in Latin America who kiss up to the “establishment”, for fear of being politically incorrect. It’s easier to be a social justice advocate thousands of miles away where there is no fear of being killed. But where is Ted during the March for Life? Hmmmmm? Never seen him there. The Churches are divided all around the world. WMGRACE has a very simple assessment, which makes me wonder whether that person is really Ted (the post has the same level of simplicity and generality).

    Do you ever wonder why they are living in such poverty? Do you ever ask yourself why Argentina went from being one of the most vibrant economcies in the early part of the 20th century, to one of the poorest? Do you ever ask yourself why investors up and left? It’s time to think beyond the first stage of simple solutions.

  6. 6

    The article states that John Paul II and Benedict XVI, blocked his beatification because of their opposition to liberation theology

    And this, of course, is not true. Firstly, Romero was not an advocate of liberation theology. He was a bishop of the Church, a man of the Church. He actually wrote Pope John Paul II urging him to Beatify Jose Maria Escriva (founder of Opus Dei). Romero spoke highly of Opus Dei. Romero was very critical left wing theology. I’ve studied his sermons thoroughly. He’s been made a caricature. The left have claimed him as their own, as they did Dorothy Day, but when you get into their actual writings, you realize that they are very different than the lefties who have usurped them.

    But here’s something else that I found:

    “Archbishop Romero was shot March 24, 1980, as he celebrated Mass. The Congregation for Saints’ Causes authorized the opening of his cause in 1993. Often the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is asked to review the writings of sainthood candidates to ensure they are free of doctrinal error; many people working for Archbishop Romero’s cause described the review as “blocked” in the congregation from 2000 to 2005.

    One of those supporters is Roberto Morozzo della Rocca, a professor of contemporary history in Rome, and author of “Primero Dios: Vita di Oscar A. Romero” (“God First: The Life of Oscar A. Romero.”

    He said Archbishop Romero’s “enemies claimed there were theological errors” in his writings and sermons. “This took years of work to clear up,” della Rocca told Catholic News Service April 22.

    There you have it. Again, something very different than what Angry Teddie posts on this blog. The Church is always careful. If someone claims there are theological errors, they have to be investigated, and they always are, and it takes years.

    But let’s listen to Archbishop Romero himself: “The other day, we asked one of the men that proclaims liberation in a political sense, “What does the church mean to you?” And he said this scandalous thing, “There are actually two churches: the church of the poor and the church of the rich. We believe in the church of the poor, but we don’t believe in the church of the rich.” Of course, this phrase is demagoguery and I will never say that there is a division in the church. There is only one church, the one that Christ preaches.”

    Here’s another gem:

    “There are very few humans who truly live inside themselves and this is why there are so many problems…In each person’s heart, there is something like a small, intimate space, where God comes down to speak alone with that person. And this is where a person determines his or her own destiny, his or her own role in the world. If each of the people with so many problems were to enter at this moment this small space, and, once there, were to listen to the voice of the Lord which speaks in our conscience, how much could each one of us do to improve the environment, society, the family with whom we live?…Prayer is the peak of human development.”

    Here’s another gem to think about:

    What is the purpose of progress? It is not for a few to have everything and others nothing, rather progress is so that the truth of Christ, which is salvation, reaches everyone. Also, the Pope has told us that the criterion for all these relationships is humankind.

    Do you see with what reverence he speaks of the Pope? He’s referring to Pope John Paul II (Redemptor Hominis), unlike Ted who speaks of the Pope with such disdain. Romero does not divide the Church into rich and poor, European vs. Latin American, he places the primacy on prayer, and he preaches Christ. This is NOT the gospel of Ted Schmidt, who preaches division (us vs. them), who says nothing about prayer, ever, and who speaks of our Popes with such disdain. If you really want to know Romero, do not get your information from Ted, because it will be filtered through NDP lenses made in the 1960s by Lennon Optical. Just read the homilies of Romero himself. And keep in mind, he died while saying Mass.

  7. 7

    Who am I? That’s for you to figure out. We’ve met before. Years ago I was under another pseudonym: Thomas More.

  8. 8

    Nonetheless, I should get off this blog. It was fun responding to your points, Ted. My conscience does bother me with respect to one or two remarks I made earlier. Please accept my apologies for those. Then again, you certainly deserved a kick in the a**.

    I do think unresolved emotional issues have affected the way you see the Church. I think you have a good heart, but you are not seeing reality clearly. The emotions won’t let you. Think about it. I don’t think I’m off.

    You are in my prayers,

    (pray for us, Tim)

  9. 9

    no matter how much i read of what you write, 49francesco, i still hear those dogs barking. condescending dogs, a very distinctive type of bark. but i can hardly hear them now.

  10. From your blog I thought you might enjoy seeing a music video that we have produced honoring Oscar Romero.  It is part of a new CD release. The singer is a deacon, Michael Glen Bell, and the film maker is Owen Thomas.

    Go to to view the video. Feel free to use it on your site, review the album or video, or blog about The Project.  If you do, let us know so we can put a link on ours. If you are interested in a story on The Project, please get back to us. We are located in Indianapolis. You can follow us on Twitter @martyrsproject. 

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