Ronald Reagan: Accessory to murder


Now that the fundamentalist thug Rios Montt has been convicted of genocide, how about putting on trial St.Ronald Reagan as accessory to genocide. REagan consistently supported the fundamentalist Christian  Montt’s scorched earth policy among the Mayan populace. According to Reagan, Montt,”born again” was “a man of great personal integrity”, who was “totally dedicated to democracy.” This human rights champion Montt was “getting a bum rap” on this file. The spin was that this was  “disinformation spread by communist sympathizers.”

The confused American electorate always fell for the Gipper’s “Aw shucks shtick’ while in fact he was a pliable pitchman for empire. His defense of Latin American murderers was particularly egregious but no mind, Americans elected him twice.Not only that they wanted to put him on Mount Rushmore.

That a small country like Guatemala, dismissed as a banana republic could stand up to this murderer and his cadre of business supporters is worthy of deep respect and puts USA democracy to shame.Americans have been consistently clueless about Reagan’s horrible foreign policy in El salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala

It was years after the Great Communicator left office that the truth was bared for all to see, the rancid underbelly of US foreign policy under Reagan.

Government documents were declassified by President Bill Clinton in 1999  and they showed that the 34-year civil war had claimed the lives of some 200,000 people  and that  the army was responsible for 93 percent of the killings.

As an aside two of the most blind fanatics  of the period who served the empire were uber Catholics, William Casey and  General Vernon Walters.

Now the truth is laid bare: Ronald Reagan accessory to murder.


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    If you ever voted for an NDP candidate, you too are an accessory to murder.

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