No Pride at Mass


My friend Mike is a reader and long time children’s liturgy man at his local parish. He is the best kind of conservative you will ever find—a loyal thinking Catholic totally open to the Spirit. He related this incident at craic this morning.

At mass this past Sunday he was leading the bidding prayers from the pulpit and as a warm up  in the sacristy he said to the other readers that he thought he’d throw in one of his own prayers. Now Mike is an Irishman with a devlish sense of humour so his prayer was something like, “Let us pray for the virtue of legitimate pride…. “ a less than oblique reference to the massive Gay Pride  Parade in Toronto.

His audience, some of the parish regulars were horrified.

“”You can’t say that,” they protested.

Feigning ignorance with his tongue bulging from his cheek, Mike retorted, ”Don’t you think this is a legitimate prayer?”

He pressed the issue.

“What if I  substituted hope or charity, would this be OK?”


“Cant we then  pray  for pride?”

“Yes, but not on this weekend!”


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    wmgrace Says:

    You can’t become a Christian by going to church any more than you can become a car by sleeping in a garage. – Garrison Keillor, sometime, out at lake Wobegon

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