More insanity in Sportsworld


“When you get the phone call and you’re told you can’t play for the Lightning, it was pretty rough on everybody. My family, and myself, I’ve been there 14 years so it was definitely — and still is — very hard,” said  hockey player Vincent Lecavalier, He was recently bought out by the team management to reduce their salary cap. In this rarified world each NHL club  can buy out two  players prior to the end of the 2013-14 season

To assuage his hurt feelings the 33 year old player will receive $30 million from the Tampa Bay Lightning—to get lost. He is free to shop his wares elsewhere. And like all mercenaries Lecavalier will  look for a winning team.

Yesterday he found the Philadelphia Flyers.

Now today we see his shopping has been profitable.He just signed for about $ 5 million a year.Now we know it’s not Vinny’s fault that the whole system is corrupt but what the hay?

Such is the sick culture we swim in.

But wait.There is more.

Philly goalie Ilya Bryzgalov will get $23 million over the next 14 years (two-thirds of the remaining $34.5 m salary) to get lost.

More still.

New York Islander goalie  Rick Dipietro  will rake in $1.5 million for each of the next 16 years  Bye bye Rick.

All these contracts are monuments to stupidity and show us how out of whack Sportsworld has become in our time, a perfect mirror of the greed culture of distraction which envelops us. Thank God, we have sports to distract us. The purity of it all, a welcome relief from the bad news all around.

Sports of course is no different from the mad world of the hedge fund trolls or the bankers, the new role models for the young, restless and greedy.. However you’d never know this from the star struck writers who peddle this version of the dream factory.

As the old song goes, “seldom is heard a discouraging word.”


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    wmgrace Says:

    Obviously (now there’s a word which has been adopted wholeheartedly by the Sportsworld), Vinny did not watch Bill Moyers this week.

    If he had, Vinny would not be feeling so sad about the separation from his previous employer. He would have learned that 50 million Americans (one out of every six) are “food insecure”, that is, unable to meet their basic requirements for nutritional meals everyday. Unable because they do not earn enough money to buy healthy food. The problem is exacerbated when it comes to children, since good nutrition is essential to their overall physical and mental development. It was stated that one out of two children in the US will need food assistance. Eighty percent of the “food insecure” are working, yet they still qualify for food stamps because of extremely low wages. Large corporations like Wal-Mart were sited for their failure to pay a living wage. America spends 81 billion in the food stamp program, even though a person living on stamps still finds it very difficult to get adequate nutrition.

    Watching the program might also have enabled Vinny to see the value of his material wealth and perhaps the level of his disengagement from the real world. Who knows, it might have caused him to realize that people like him could have a lot to do with fixing the problem. Or maybe that wouldn’t be obvious enough.

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