School is out but capital never sleeps

Ah school is out!

For Canadians not paying attention to what is happening in the land of hyper-capitalism regarding public education, this is for you. These  simplistic noxious nostrums promoted by Republicans will soon show up here.Soon ? Look at PM Harper,Tim Hudak and Rob Ford.

The last decade has seen a ferocious attack in  the USA on public education and unions. The worst offenders are the uber-capitalists who want into the lucrative market of a public good,education—text books,  the horrible standardized testing and anything else associated with schools. Believe it or not two of the worst offenders are Obama and Bill Gates, obviously educational experts on child development, pedagogy and long years in a classrooom. Not! Throw in the billionaire New York mayor Michael Bloomberg another know-it-all infamous for his rudeness to the parents of school age kids. All these non-teachers  are believers in those standardized tests  as the almost sole definer of educational success.

The so-called reformers who actually hate public education and unions often use progresssive rhetoric to mask their reactionary goals of a charter school onn evry block.Constant tests show no differenee in performance but that does not dissuadw these people

Now there is spirited fight back led by parents who have been shoved aside by the experts. Many great teachers are resisting all over the sates. Recently the Seattle teachers refuse to minister the tests.

One of those educators  leading the charge against standardized testing i is Diane Ravitch whose book is a must read.

The Death and Life of the Great American School System




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    I’m sorry to say this, but the writing above is atrocious. You have little credibility as a reliable source on the best system of education. If you are a product of the public school system, then you lose the argument hands down.

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    wmgrace Says:

    As always, the truth in your observations serves us well. In this instance, your voice is the unheard voice of the many, indeed majority, who depend on an accessible, non-profit education system which is congruent with their needs and aspirations, as individuals striving to become all that they can possibly be – not all that they can possibly afford. We need an education system which is guided by the true principles of education, not by the capitalist profit motive or the false values of corporatism. Keep education in the hands of people who care about education. This is the way to build truly strong people and communities, with a focus on the common good – not the corporate good.

    Another excellent reference for those who might wonder what teaching and education can be at its best, I’d recommend Never Neutral, A teaching Life, by Ted Schmidt.

  3. 3

    Thanks for that post, Ted.

    Keep education in the hands of people who care about education. This is the way to build truly strong people and communities, with a focus on the common good – not the corporate good.

    That is precisely the point: keep education in the hands of the people. It isn’t in the hands of the people, but in the hands of the government, who implement all sorts of ideological nonsense that ordinary parents do not want and have not asked for. Parents need choice. If you are serious about placing education into the hands of the people, then support a voucher system. That places it in the hands of the people.

    As for corporations, they are made up of people. A corporation is not some alien entity–much less some malicious monster–, and all they want is what every other parent wants: graduates who can think, who can write, who have a responsible work ethic, who are motivated, who know some history, and who are employable. That’s all. What does the NDP want? Anti-Capitalist ideologues, Occupy Wall Street Rebels who protest corporate greed while talking to their girlfriends on their cell phones or iPhones made by those very corporations they condemn, pretending to sleep in tents made by corporations that produce camping equipment, but do not sleep in those tents (as was proven), but in hotels, run by corporations, rebels who should be working, having kids, sending those kids to school, but are spending days and days in parks protesting what they depend on.

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