Another priest barred


Austrian priest  Fr. Helmut Schüller, 60. former head of Caritas in his native Austria is on his North American tour promoting new models of leadership in the Catholic church. Schüller and approximately 400 Austrian priests — about 10 percent of the nation’s total Catholic clergy — launched the Austrian Priests’ Initiative in 2006 following worry and discussions about who would care for their parishes when there were not enough priests to take over after they retire. In 2011, they issued an “Appeal to Disobedience” in which they pledged, among other things, not to celebrate multiple Sunday Masses. The movement seeks to open the priesthood to each person suited for the office, including women and married men.

Oh no, we can’t let him speak to Catholic audiences. he surely would cause scandal.

Well, that’s what happening.  All the toady bishops, bull horns for the narrow thinking of John Paul ll are refusing Schüller a pulpit in  their dioceses.

All of this in the church of Aquinas and other critical thinking theologians who  prized our ability to move beyond mere obedience.

What small minds who presume to lead a contemporary church—Charles Chaput, Sean O’Malley and God knows whoever  else presumes to ban Catholics from hearing from a priest in good standing.

Schuller obviously has his head out of the sand and sees the awful situation the Church is in and actually wants to promote a dialogue while episcopal monologues are the flavour du jour.

But these John Paul ll bishops, boy are they ever standing up for the faith!

In an interview with the NCR  Schüller  stated the obvious—the importance of Vatican ll and the “rediscovery of the dignity of the baptized” which was “foundational” to respecting the rights of all the People of God. Schüller said the word “laity” as used by some church leaders implies “incompetence,” as if there is “hierarchy” and “lowerarchy” in the church. Schüller said he sees recognition of the fundamental rights of all Christians not as a means to democratize the church, but rather as “the church fulfilling its own teaching.”

Schuller states the logical theolgical fact:”Scripture shows us that men and women are together the image of God in this world. The image of God is incomplete if only represented by one gender.”

Off with his head, this disloyal, disobedient Austrian.



  1. 1
    wmgrace Says:

    The evidence supporting the impending death (some would say this has already happened) of the Catholic church as a viable and positive force in western society, is in abundance: the withered and motion-less body of the church now lies mostly comatose, oblivious to the current issues and rational voices which surround her. Once a robust, life-giving force to be reckoned with, she now gazes dreamily out at the world but is unable to see, or hear the clamour of voices calling out for real progressive change – or just about anything that would bring her back to the living spirit of the people.

    Fr Schuller is one such rational voice, asking that the church ordain women and married men as a way to transfuse new energy, ideas, and purpose into the hierarchy, thereby supplanting the life-support system. Instead, at this stage in her life (or death?) she looks backward, searching through her ancient theological texts, trying to shed light on the problems we have today, using the now-dysfunctional paradigm from a previous era – an exercise that further envelops her, in a never-ending Kafkaesque dream.

  2. Ha! An article full of heresies! The good-standing blah blah is not really functional nowadays. It goes more with popularity, false “tolerance” and all for the sake of being politically correct. Active promoters of abortion, gay “marriage”, … , are considered in good standing. Satan would be considered in good standing!

    All the churches that have followed the modernist trends of accepting abortion, gay “marriage”, women priests and blah blah… are going downhill. Orthodox Anglicans the ones who actually go to church and believe entirely to sound doctrines are escaping their way toward the Catholic Church. Also, the Catholic Church is bound by other councils than simply Vatican II, get over yourselves. Catholicism is practiced around the globe and your occidental view of the faith will not get you anywhere.

    Young folks, like myself, are obedient (yes, that nasty word people don’t want to hear anymore) to the Magisterium and Tradition. I am a convert, and can honestly say that if the church made all the changes, people like Fr.Schuller are calling for, I would have not converted, because protestantism is made better elsewhere. (I have loads of young convert friends who say the same…)

    Please, humble yourself to 2000 years of tradition and wisdom.
    I’ll pray for you and myself.

    Pax Vobiscum

    • 3
      wmgrace Says:

      A “convert to the Catholic church” – what on earth does that mean? (Just kidding – I mean its not something that happens everyday, right?) It’s refreshing, in a qualified sort of way, to hear that people are actually joining the Catholic church. I’m sure you’ll find lots of room in the pews and be able to find a great place to sit, and pray.

      All kidding aside, all the best to you, in your journey.

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