The power of witness: Dorothy Day

The power of witness, doing the right thing when too many have internalized the conformist script of the corporate culture, when too many of the baptized want to get inside “the inner ring” (C.S. Lewis) when market Catholicism suborns the power of the gospel which always is is on the side of the humiliated, when too much of Catholic education is preparing acolytes for “success” and not the Cross.

Daniel Berrigan on Dorothy Day


Without Dorothy, without that exemplary patience, courage, moral modesty, without this woman pounding at the locked door behind which the powerful mock the powerless with games of triage, without her, the resistance we offered would have been simply unthinkable. She urged our consciences off the beaten track; she made the impossible (in our case) probable and then actual. She did this first of all by living as though the Truth were true.



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    pauljfrazier Says:

    Are both paragraphs from Dan Berrigan? Can you offer a source? Thanks,
    paul frazier

  2. 2

    Dorothy Day is the ‘patron saint’ on my Internet Newspaper, which I founded in response to my first of 7 trips to both sides of The Wall in Israel Palestine [in 2005] because The Media was NOT telling the stories of the oppressed and powerless.
    I am happy to report that out of the over 10,400,000 visitors to WeAreWideAwake have been US and Israeli cyber drones who monitor this little sister in service to The Prince of Peace.

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