And that’s no Hasbara!


Whatever you wish to say about Israel  as a state there is no denying the vigorous critique alive in many of its institutions. Haifa University has an Academic Watch Project

As it turns out is a group of Palestinian students at Israeli academic institutions dedicated to exposing discrimination within Israeli academia and its connection with Israel’s military occupation and apartheid policies.Damn those bright kids. You see what happens when you give them a place at a university!

Recently it highlighted a shameful “course” on  how to market Israel through websites and social networks  Marketing through  hasbara ( a negative Hebrew word often, it means puffery, BS, overt propaganda. And that is sadly what this. Dressing a pig up with lipstick, a sad attempt to justify Israel’ occupation of Palestinian territory.

What is shocking is how such an odorous offering has a place in a university which traditionally prides itself on independence of thought.Here the university becomes a shill for unjustifiable and immoral conduct.

The full report:

One such course — “Ambassadors Online” (or “Ambassadors on the Web”) — offered at Haifa University boasts the slogan “Volunteering, Zionism, Digital Diplomacy.”

The course’s webpage features the logos of two Israeli ministries as well as those of Birthright Israel and StandWithUs, groups which aim to promote Israel among US college students — and offers the synopsis: “[the] goal is to provide Israeli university students with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to become unofficial ambassadors of Israel. The cadets of the project receive training which prepares them to effectively challenge the de-legitimization claims, engage in a dialogue with anti-Israeli activists and improve Israel’s image abroad by expanding the positive knowledge about the country.”

A better training might be to send young Canadian and American Jews to live with Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza, Here they would find gracious hosts who would introduce them to Palestinian life and culture.

And that’s no hasbara!



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