August 6-9 sackcloth and ashes



Film director Oliver Stone yesterday condemned the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, calling the US claim that they ended World War II a “tremendous lie.”

Mr Stone, who is in Japan to promote a history documentary, said the Soviet Union’s declaration of war on Japan in August 1945 was a “strong factor” behind the decision to incinerate the two cities.  “The United States was able to get away with it because we were the winners,” he told Japan’s Kyodo News. “But as a result we lost our moral compass.”

An understatement if there ever was one.The nation which  incessantly lectures others about morality still stands condemned as the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons on others.

There should have been government sponsored acts of contrition in every american city between August 6 and 9.

Obama should have appeared in sackcloth and ashes.



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  1. A nation who murdered, estimates up to 10,000,000 was stopped in its tracks. The morally corrupt would be you to claim otherwise.

    Revisionist lie.

    The bomb stopped Japan’s depredation of ALL Asia.

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