Real journalism and independent voices

Real journalism is rare today. Most of the print coming our way is controled by corporations with a fierce bias and a right wing agenda. This was obvious when the current Canadian Tory government so hell bent on turning us into American clones was supported editorially by 26 out of 28 daily papers. The corporate control in the US of course is much worse.The Fourth Estate originally was there to put the heat on government and business and act as a conscience on behalf of the common good. Capitalism in general has overwhelmed this function. This is the prime reason people are abandoning print and moving to the best of the blogsphere. I said the best.

Papers like the Summedia corp in Canada  spend no money on truthdigging but in the guise of populism are shills for unvarnished capitalism. A bunch of talking heads with an anti-government bias.

It was George Gerbner, the former dean  of the Annenberg School for Communication  at the University of Pennsylvania, who said, ““There has to be a media outlet that is not run by corporations that profit from war, and  who have nothing  to tell and everything to sell. They  are raising our children.”

Who in God’s name wants their kids to be raised by pop culture and uncritical journalism?


The great Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) says the reason her show (Daily 10 A.M.  on CIUT, 89.5 in Toronto and syndicated throughout North America) is so successful  is in her words “a testament to the fact that there’s a hunger for independent voices that gets filtered out in the corporate media. You get this small circle of pundits on all of the networks that sort of rotate around, that know so little about so much, explaining the world to us and getting it so wrong.


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    mcluhansghost Says:

    I love how the author of this post sees through the mainly corporate-supported ‘refuse’ packaged as news/information and sold as infotainment. He must have been an acquaintance and / or student of the late legendary Canadian media literacy giants Barry Duncan and Marshall McLuhan. I will try to make time to tune into Amy’s morning program via the CIUT 89.5 online feed.


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