Bluesman John Dickie gets honorary degree


It has been reported that Senator  Pamela Wallin the subject of intense scrutiny  for her senate expense account  is the recipient of  13 honorary degree from Canadian universities. What this says about higher education is anybody’s guess.

One wonders what her accomplishments were to merit these honours. As far as we know she  was a telegenic bingo caller and not much else.

Her real skill appears to be as a Senator-shill for the Tory party.

With this in mind the University of Centre Island has decided to grant an honorary degree to Mr. John Dickie for “extraordinary accomplishments in the vocal arts. For four decades Mr.Dickie has successfully channelled James Brown, Fats Domino, Hank Williams and a host of others.”The degree (Causa honoris) will be presented at the onshore campus of Centre Island University in the Panda Bay Coffee Shop in Toronto’s least end.Dickie who prided himself on his grade 12 accomplishments at Neil McNeil High School says he was entirely deserving of the honour.



John Dickie with accompanist Steve Hunter

Chancellor Michael Hanrahan will be performing this sacred duty.



Chancellor Michael Hanrahan

The date is Wednesday August 21 at 9 A.M.



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