The Canadian israeli Thought Police

The shrinking Palestinian state.


They are at it again. The Canadian Israeli Lobby and Thought Police.

15 buses in Vancouver  and the city Skytrain station are carrying the above ads which simply show how israel has gobbled up Palestinian territory over the decades. This is as simple fact and the israelis continue to laugh at canada, US and the EU by building settlements   every day

The thought police are attempting to bully the transit authority Translink  into taking the ads down.

Independent Jewish Voices, (  a brave group of Jewish Canadians  has asked us to resist  the hamfisted tactics of B’nai Brith, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver, and friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Toronto. They predictably  have attacked the display of these ads, and some are threatening TransLink– responsible for approving and displaying the educational images– with lawsuits.

As the website advises “This isn’t the first time a poster has been attacked for claiming to be anti-Semitic. The Israel lobby successfully pressured university administrations to ban a poster depicting Israel’s war crimes on Gaza– arguing again that it incites violence towards Jews. As a Jew, I feel unsafe by what Israel is doing to Palestinians, not by the non-violent resistance of Palestinians to Israel’s crimes. Stand on the right side of history with me. Tell TransLink NOW that the ads must stay up by calling 604-953-3040. We refuse to be bullied into silence!”

The number again is 604 953 3040





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