Syria and hypocrisy


Obama and Kerry protested way  too much.

Syria indeed is a bridge too far. Most Americans are now sick of war and lies that Bush, Cheney, and Powell told..

You do remember Cheney? 5 deferments in the Vietnam years but gung ho about sending poor blacks and Hispanics into war.

No more wars please. Even the right wing said, “we’re out.” Toffs like Britain’s Cameron was all for lobbing missiles into Syria. The British parliament humiliated him and said no way.

The people said no. The Pope said no.

Obama’s “line in the sand” disappeared

The Russians were dubious about Assad being responsible for the horrible Sarin gas attack. They had a right to be .Bild am Sonntag a German newspaper  cited high-level German surveillance source suggesting Syrian president was not personally behind same.

If Assad did order these attacks can anyone really think there is a difference between innocent dead people? Sure Sarin is horrific. So is war! Fight war not wars. The Iraqi Body Count stated that in Iraq there 115,000 dead civilians. No sarin gas but innocents wee  killed nevertheless.

War is a line to be crossed,not Sarin gas.

Kerry’s crocodile tears were cringe-inducing, given the US track record over civilian deaths and the use of neuro-toxins

In 1970 the US  Senate reported: “The US has dumped on Vietnam a quantity of toxic chemical (dioxin) amounting to six pounds per head of population.” This was Operation Hades, later renamed the friendlier Operation Ranch Hand – the source of what Vietnamese doctors call a “cycle of foetal catastrophe”. Then there was the cancer-inducing depleted uranium used in Iraq—as well the use white phosphorus, the same white phosphorus the Us surrogate Israel used in Gaza.

Why does Syria have chemical weapons if not to counteract Israel’s nuclear arsenal of which the US says nothing. It tells Iran to stop developing nuclear but is mum about Israel

It my be that even the Us is getting tired of war in Muslim lands. Lobbing a few missiles into this awful conflagration  will not help.

Churchill said it best: Jaw Jaw is better than fight fight.


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