Harper’s inactivity


Two Canadian citizens — acclaimed Toronto filmmaker John Greyson and medical doctor Tarek Loubani — have been jailed for more than a month and a half in Egypt without charge after witnessing a massacre by state forces on August 16 in Cairo. The two were traveling through Egypt en route to visit Gaza, where Greyson was to film Loubani as he trained emergency room doctors.

In a communiqué smuggled out of a Cairo jail the pair said,  “We were arrested, searched, caged, questioned, interrogated, videotaped with a ‘Syrian terrorist,’ slapped, beaten, ridiculed, hot-boxed, refused phone calls, stripped, shaved bald, accused of being foreign mercenaries.”

Loubani ,a prof at Western,  a member of the Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care. was on his way  to al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, where he trains doctors and nurses in emergency critical care procedures.

Wow, going to Gaza, not a real Canadian to the Harperites, the hopelessly pro-Israel government.

Note “en route to visit Gaza”. This may be the key to understand the pathetically tepid response of the Harper government to vigorously defend these brave innocent Canadians, held on trumped up charges.

Greyson  is a wonderfully engaged teacher-filmmaker. He is also active in Queers Against Israeli  Apartheid, the gay group which dares speak out against Israeli apartheid.

Canadians well know the embarrassing and blinkered approach of the Harper government o Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian land.

Naomi Klein phrased this well, both praising Canadian embassy officials who always are professional  with the Controller in Chief Stephen Harper.

But there has been concern, and it’s expressed very openly in the Canadian press and online, that at the highest levels, certainly at the level of the prime minister, there has not been enough pressure. As far as we know, our prime minister has yet to call his Egyptian counterpart personally and demand the men’s release. He waited until last Sunday to issue a statement calling for their release publicly, but that was, you know, a statement made to the Canadian media. Whether he has relayed that directly and explained that there are consequences, real consequences, to the Egyptian government, is another matter entirely.



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    So gullible, so uninformed. Read this: “What is the truth?”

  2. 2

    Ted, Ted, Ted! How could you? The Catholic Register? You gotta clear something up for me. How do you justify to yourself–and to the rest of us–your decision to stay in the RC Church? Read D’Souza’s article in the same issue, at the back. Pope Francis is NOT taking the Church in any new direction. You’re allowing yourself to be influenced by the media’s wishful thinking. He’s saying nothing new. But more to the point: if the Church that you belong to suffers from dualistic blindness, is misogynistic in the highest degree, is wrong about divorce, contraception, ordination, and all the other issues you listed, then isn’t it clear that it isn’t guided by the Holy Spirit? Isn’t it clear that it’s off track? Do you really think the magisterium is going to just stopped one day and say: “Okay, you’re right, we’ve got it wrong all these hundreds of years, and you Ted were right all along”? Is you ego really that large that you really believe you see something that the magisterium simply does not see? That astounds me. Why not just leave with the droves of others who are leaving and join that Christian group that thinks like you do? There are many. The United Church is just one I can name. In fact, any dying Church or denomination fits that description. I’m really curious.

  3. 3

    Well I’m glad you’re staying, but you gotta admit that from my point of view, it does not make sense. Why is it that you have so much light, and the rest of us are so much in the dark? I mean, these are serious issues: i.e., divorce, contraception, female ordination, etc. If the Church’s theology of Ordination has been off for 2000 years, then a host of other issues have also been off, since the theology of Ordination is founded upon a host of other issues: i.e., understanding of the Mass, the sacramental symbolism of the priesthood, symbolism of Church as Bride of Christ, etc. And divorce! What are you saying about divorce? That’s it’s okay to up and leave your wife and kids? That it is okay to give up when the going gets tough? That we disregard what Christ taught in the gospel about divorce and hardness of heart? We’re not talking about annulment, but divorce. We have annulment, so if you are talking divorce, you are referring to those who are validly married, but chose to give up–one of them, or both. So what is it you are saying? That since one has given up and walked out, the other should be free to go against his/her vows? I’m not clear on this. And contraception, you are saying that it is okay to take the pill? Which killed 500 women annually in 1980 onward, and hospitalizes 9, 400 every year? You don’t see any incompatibility between your anti-corporate and pro environmental stance and this subtle promotion of a corporate product that makes a mess of the woman’s body ecology? Isn’t this (the pill) a microscopic picture of our own macroscopic irreverence for the environment?

    Let’s face it Teddy, isn’t it obvious that somewhere along the line, you climbed on a ban wagon a bit too quickly? You were just a bit too trendy, a bit too
    liberal, a bit too careless, and you’ve gone so far down that road that perhaps it is
    a bit too difficult to turn back and maybe admit that you f****** up
    just a bit? Just thinking outloud.

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