Cancer and Dr.Epstein


My neighbour Diane was canvassing for the Cancer society over 30 years ago.

I admired her public service and commitment and I gave her a donation and then I told her why I do not support the Cancer society’s Terry Fox run though I admire all who take the time to run. They wish to do something. Their motivation is beyond criticism.  I told Diane we should be rather running to Parliament to shut down companies engaged in cancer production.


I had read Samuel  Epstein’s 1979 book The Politics of Cancer. The verdict was in: cancer is an industrial disease, the product largely of rushing carcinogenic materiel into the atmosphere without due diligence. The plastics industry, the oil companies etc. were producing massive  carcinogens. Cancer does not magically appear.i t is produced. Epstein’s warnings went unheeded.

“The American public are still eating and drinking ultra dangerous products in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence, and in spite of the warnings they have received from the rest of the world that “we will not buy your products.”

… It’s almost like an Alice in Wonderland situation. We like to think we’re the greatest democracy in the world and yet we tolerate white collar crime, industry white collar crime, and the white collar crimes for profit.

Epstein now emeritus prof of Environmental Occupational  health medicine at the U of Illinois  at Chicago is a world renowned  cancer expert and he  has never stopped his criticism of national cancer bodies which say little about  prevention. Their  focus is exclusively focused on diagnosed treatment and oncology research.

Says Epstein

“The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has failed to develop or publicize any listing or registry to avoid all exposures to carcinogens, and these include some drugs, some pharmaceuticals, diagnostic radiation, occupational, environmental exposures to carcinogens, ingredients and consumer products, carcinogenic ingredients and consumer products, food, natural products, cosmetics and personal care products.

CBC newsperson Wendy Mesley then wrote a book a bout her cancer. She did all the right things—ate well,exercise—still got cancer. Somebody was not telling her the truth about cancer.

Pink ribbons,Terry Fox runs, positive thinking,donating money to the Cancer  Society is not enough.

Political action is needed. This is a long and arduous journey and the corporations with deep pockets will fight for the right to continue their pollution


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