Ford’s supporters owe me an apology


The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

William Butler Yeats in The Second Coming

Overheard  in the Beach area of Toronto.

“I don’t care if he is a child molester. He is lowering my taxes. I’d vote for Rob Ford again.”

She and many others are operating out of a deep unexplored well of resentment. This cesspool of unexamined emotions has many layers.

Ford is a right wing populist, himself a failure at everything he has done. He could never complete any higher education, was maybe dyslexic and possibly ADD. The son of a wealthy Tory, he’s had a silver spoon in his mouth all his life, one  of undisciplined excess.  Simply look at his obesity. Not a good sign. This is a man out of control

He gets into politics as a ward healer in the west end of Etobicoke. He makes his reputation by actually responding to constituents,. That’s good. He appears at City Council and is always outvoted by huge margins. Nobody takes him seriously.  He puts on his earphones and ignores the daily proceedings.

But, but he impresses people by taking no salary.

Big deal. He’s a millionaire courtesy of his father.

Most Torontonians do not know his background but he carries the anti-tax mantra with him, the bacillus which has ruined the United States and proceeded north. People can not make the connection between taxes and good services. In an economic downturn people resonate with this absurdity. So Ford runs on this populist screed. He gets elected but finds out that there is no fat at City Hall but the rubes in the burbs buy his nonsense. Their man is in charge now. He’ll show the pointy heads how to run a city.

The educated see through his gross incompetence, his superficial nostrums, his illiteracy. He is absolutely incompetent at presiding over a major Canadian city. His overweening arrogance prevents him from understanding that he is in way over his head. He  loves the attention he gets.

Imagine his opening day—allowing the ultimate buffoon Don Cherry to preside over his inauguration!

Who would vote for this man?

The aggrieved- people hurt in an economic downturn looking for  scapegoats, looking to stop paying any taxes like the idiotic Beacher who would would vote for a pedophile if he kept taxes low, the Anglo poor who sense thy have lost voice in the new multihued Toronto, the economic elite who have enough private wealth and want a rep to squeeze more money from public services on which so many people count on—libraries, rec centres, social agencies etc. Throw in those who have little time to analyze Rob Ford and his fatuous promises. Toss all of these together and in a balkanized city which has lost its centre and its pride courtesy of Mike Harris and you have enough angry people t consider themselves Ford Nation, a huge embarrassment to concerned citizens who cherish the common good.

Ford nation is a repository of smoldering anger. It wants to lash out at “the elites”, whoever they are. Ford to them is everyman. Just like them. Sure he’s made mistakes. but so have I. They vote for somebody like themselves .But the point is you don’t want somebody like yourself as a chief magistrate. You want and need somebody smarter than yourself who understands the complexities of running a megacity.

The sad fact is that world has not seen enough of the Mike Harrises, George Bushes, guys you could have a beer with. We’re in love with mediocrity.

All  over the world people are laughing at Toronto for voting in such a duffus, a sad out of control man who has made us the butt of humour.

It is very difficult to  pay attention to complex issues  when living under advanced capitalism. The carnival never ends. The diversions never stop. We Canadians. more and more like our cousins to the south,  have become the best entertained and the least informed people on the  planet.

As my button says, “If you voted for Rob Ford you owe me an apology.”



  1. While it does seem as if the mayor of Toronto does lack impulse control, I am not impressed by your comment, “Just look at his obesity”. This is piling on hurt and prejudice on all people who are obese. In fact obesity is much more complex than just eating too much. There are genetic and metabolic factors as well as other factors which can cause people to be obese. Many people suffer a lot of social censure and discrimination because of this, and in many cases they have had a lifelong struggle attempting to maintain a healthy weight.
    There are many instances of the mayor’s public behaviour which could have made the point, without implying that obesity is a character defect. You are a well-educated person and should be more sensitive and better informed in future columns.

    • 2

      Mary: good point. But Ted is not really well educated, as you say. That is so obvious from his posts. He thinks he’s a scholar. But he desperately needs a good course in logical reasoning. He’s incapable of objectivity. His anti-Ford position at the start had nothing to do with his ability to predict what kind of person he is, but had everything to do with his anti-conservative prejudice. He is an ideologue, pure and simple.

  2. 3
    Una Kilkenny Says:

    Wow, Ted. I have been using this startling analogy for what it seems these people will tolerate from this man for slightly lowered taxes – minimal savings for them – huge $ for the Ford dynasty. Shocking that one actually used it. Fords will have backyard pools and private clubs for recreation, these sorry followers will have fewer services and necessary programs. Alarming times! In all the talk of crack few speak of the homophobic and racist remarks made in the video – we can plainly hear what’s in that pipe. And what of all the dead black youth of north Etobicoke running entrepreneurial drug supply for middle class white guys – insulated by wealth from consequences? Things fall apart. Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 16:30:26 +0000 To:

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