Rob Ford, please leave



So about 1000 of us took to City Hall today to tell this man, this poor excuse of a mayor,Rob Ford to leave. We’ve had enough shame heaped on us, literally around the world–and nobody to blame but the sleepy and contented who don’t do their civic homework and allow a total incompetent to become chief executive  of a once great city.



It was a lively occasion with not nearly enough people who should feel outraged at Rob Ford’s lies, prevarications, shameless conduct. In France there would be a massive crowd taking to the streets. Apparently the word “citizen” still has some caché in the country where  democracy took a leap forward. But now with all the toys of capitalism at our disposal, our big screens and 500 channel universe, the word citizen has been replaced by “consumer.” The common good, compassion for the poor  among other civic virtues have taken a back seat. Our souls have become deadened. We fall for ridiculous “anti-tax” mantras like Ford’s “Gravt train”(there was none). Democracy is in full retreat. More and more we fall victim to propaganda bought and paid  by corporations who manage to bankroll the Fords and Harpers(and Bushes, Reagans and Obamas of our time).

Living easy is  dangerous the mad Nietzshe reminded us.

We should be so mad.



  1. 1

    Good on you Ted. Ford needs rehab. Sheila

  2. 2

    Ted, Sorry – did not know about this event.

    I will be protesting pipelines, etc, on Saturday.


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