Climate Justice? MIA



Poland, the U.N. climate summit, known as COP 19, has entered its second week. Does anybody in Canada know about this? Has the Ford saga taken the oxygen out of our serious world?

Why s it that Democracy Now http://// and 9.5 in Toronto is  the only global daily TV-radio news hour to be broadcasting from the summit for the week. Where is CNN? Oh yeah, interviewing the Ford brothers!

And where are the Canadian  bishops? Organizing a collection  for r the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  All well and good and necessary—but nothing on the causes of climate disasters! Not good enough.

For those wishing to donate

And where is Canada, the do-nothing country with a hapless leader and pathetic environmental minister whom no journalist has access to?

On Saturday, thousands of protesters marched calling for climate justice,, the most serious moral issue confronting the human community.

Speakers from all over the world addressed the crowd, urging world leaders to take action on global warming, including climate activists from the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, and organizers of a chartered train that brought more than 700 people from Belgium, Britain and France to join the demonstration. Polish activists also spoke, including residents of the village of Zurawlow, where resistance to fracking is growing despite massive shale gas concessions.

Thank Gd for Greenpeace the conscience of the climate world.It raised a banner to the point  “Who rules the world? The fossil fuel industry or the people?”

Meanwhile the Polish government has convened a conference to greenwash the use of coal!

One of the most moving speeches came from the Philipine rep Gerry Arances:

I speak in behalf of my organization, the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice, and in behalf of my brothers and sisters who have lost their relatives, their sons, their daughters, and those that will be orphaned and have been orphaned, and for the next generation of Filipinos whose lives will be at stake every year, every month, every day.

Today, now is the time. It’s the most painful time in our history in our country. Lives have been lost, thousands. My friends, their families are still missing. Food is lacking, water, shelter. This is the most painful year for the last 10 years in the Philippines. But this is not the only typhoon or supertyphoon that we have faced. For the past five years, we have been facing every year supertyphoons. Thousands of lives have been lost, and this is the most painful, the most powerful supertyphoon that have hit us.

The problem is, we are suffering, and my brothers and sisters are suffering, not because of their own doing, not because of our own doing. We have very small emissions. My country and the rest of the developing countries, most of us, especially from the—our brothers in Africa, have very small emissions. And yet, those that have caused this climate crisis are still pushing for more dirty and harmful energies all over the globe.


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