Advent: Wake up!


Our Advent liturgy committee met as it does every year to plan the four weeks of Advent, always a favourite period of mine. The church calendar invites to go deeper, take time,to leave behind the mad rush of the Christmas steeplechase which surrounds us at this time of the year.

We look at the readings. What do they say to us today in this big city?

This year i suggested that we might look at the theme of looking around us. It  leapt out at me in the first gospel of advent Matthew 24:37-44).

“Keep awake”, the master says,”You must be ready for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.”


We just need  better vision, new eyes to understand and see this. They are common, everyday occurrences.

Do you know the contemporary hymn Everything is Holy? Nobody did but after we swapped emails on the community chat line and people heard it, they all warmed to it. It is by Peter Mayer. Here’s the first verse

When I was a boy, each week

On Sunday, we would go to church

And pay attention to the priest

He would read the holy word

And consecrate the holy bread

And everyone would kneel and bow

Today the only difference is

Everything is holy now

Everything, everything

Everything is holy now

Another verse:

When holy water was rare at best

It barely wet my fingertips

But now I have to hold my breath

Like I’m swimming in a sea of it

It used to be a world half there

Heaven’s second rate hand-me-down

But I walk it with a reverent air

‘Cause everything is holy now

Everything, every thing

Everything is holy now

And Brian our masterful musician learned it quickly.

I remember Teilhard saying years ago: To those with eyes to see nothing is profane.

An example next posting


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  1. Thank you! Great reflection, at a time when things can seem so confused!

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