Neil Young: Don’t play Israel


He certainly seems  inconsistent and/or confused,


He ponied up for  his support of First Nationas and trashed the tar sands in his Honour the Treaty tour and now he’s set to play Israel, apparently unaware or doesn’t give a damn about another exploited people the Palestinians.

Neil there is a cultural boycott of Israel. Have you not heard of it?

Eric Ritskes, is currently a 3rd year PhD student in Sociology and Equity Studies OISE (u of T).e also edits an open access journa for critcal indigenous and decolonization studies, He recently wrote a letter to Young  for using his celebrity status to raise the issue of the Harper government’s appalling desecration of the natural environment in the Tar sands. Ritskes  wrote that “your connection of these problems to the oppression of Indigenous peoples, is to be respected and appreciated.

Then Mr Ritskes made the obvious connection:

There are reports that, this summer, you plan to play a concert in Israel. The Israeli state is also built on forceful occupation, genocide, containment and the stripping of basic human rights of Palestinians (the Indigenous people of that land).  the ongoing oppression of Indigenous peoples in Canada parallels the ongoing oppression of Indigenous peoples in Palestine.

Israel is also called an apartheid state, including by those in South Africa that experienced the infamous Apartheid there. Military checkpoints, forced separation, forced evictions, destruction of land, and daily assaults by the military and settler para-military organizations are just a part of it – Indigenous Palestinians are under suffering under an unjust state.

Will Neil show up and tell the Israelis  to give their heads a shake ans smell the coffee. Will he use the occasion tot ell them that they are almost universally seen as   a global pariah for their ongoing  illegal occupation of Palestinian land and their daily oppression of another group.

You can tell Neil not to play Israel
and you can enjoy this:

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