Africa and Israel


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM refused to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral. The reasons given were laughable and were even mocked in the Israeli press. A deeper story however emerged: Israel’s unflagging support for the apartheid regime. Israel had long been a proxy for US arms sales to the scorned regime. Africans saw clearly that Israel was a branch of imperialist Europe. Israel openly supported Portugal’s domination of Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. But it was in South Africa the increasingly isolated colonial oppressor that Israel showed her true colours.
Not only did Israel support the apartheid regime with Uzis and tanks but in 1962 she was on the receiving end of a ten ton shipment of uranium which fueled their still-denied nuclear program. Israel also trained the forces of reaction in Angola as she did later in Guatemala, Salvador and Nicaragua. No love lost in Central America either for Israel.
In 1976 South African PM Vorster a fierce segregationist signed a military pact with Israel which sold patrol boats, missiles, counterinsurgency weaponry and electronic surveillance which Israel now peddles around the world. They are experts in penning up and monitoring oppressed populations as the recent history in Palestine has proven.
In 1981 the fanatic Arab hater Ariel Sharon sold Kfir jets, howitzers etc to the apartheid regime. 30 years ago the aforementioned Vorster understood and stated that israel now had its own apartheid regime. Today’s popular description of contemporary israel has a long history.
The biggest thug and looter of his own people Joseph Mobutu in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) was an Israeli proxy who was trained there. Israel became Mobutu’s chief arms supplier. This is a man who probably stole more money than any African dictator in history. No matter as former Israeli PM , himself an ex-terrorist Yitzhak Shamir said, “We’ll sell to anybody.”
Netanyahu was wise to stay away from the funeral of Africa’s greatest symbol of freedom Nelson Mandela. Africans have long memories. Americans have none.


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