Condi in the Land of Amnesia

Opening Plenary: Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice


As the great polemicist Gore Vidal once called it,the UNited Sates of amnesia, our neighbor to the south rolls merrily on, “the cradle of the best and the worst” as Leonard Cohen called it.

Wherever capital is king amnesia will reign. People just are unable to concentrate, or even remember. Celebrity and surface seem to rule. The sizzle not the steak reigns.

Hello Ford Nation!

Case in point the University of Minnesota just ponied up $150,000 for the pleasure of listening to arguably the worst American Secretary of State in living memory Condoleeza Rice.



One can write reams on Ms Rice’s career as a black woman used by GW Bush to push his odious policies in the middle East. This was allude to by the 200 faculty members (”Cradle of the best”) who protested the terrible case of amnesia as to rice’s role in the Bush admin. The faculty members wrote “ bears responsibility for substantial violations of civil liberties and civil rights.’ Students dressed in Gitmo jumpsuits to remind people of her horrible record. This was a woman who consistently defended American preparation for terrorist attacks on the Trade Centre—you remember the middle eastern gentlemen who signed up for plane lessons but were uninterested in learning how to land. The worst failure in intelligence in US history. The woman was a disaster yet she can command $150,000 for her speech,”Keeping faith with a a Legacy of Justice.”

You can’t make this stuff up.The words justice and the Bush admin simply can not go together.

What kind of a university shells out this amount of coin for such nonsense?

The University of Minnesota a proud member of the United States of Amnesia.


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