State funeral for the common good




De mortuis nisi bonum,(About the dead speak nothing but good is an ancient Roman truism. Pretty good advice.


Anybody could sympathize with the Flahery family as the ex-finance minister on the cusp of retirement suddenly died. But we should always separate the man from his deleterious policies.

The media coverage was execrable, the political class and the cheerleaders of the powerful appeared to have amnesia regarding the deleterious effects of Flaherty’s consistent attack on the common good and his defense of the corporate class.

It was shocking to hear the nonsense peddled about Jimbo. who had to be pulled into stimulus spending like the rest of the world. The guy was out of it and if it weren’t for Paul Martin we would have gone down the sink hole of ridiculous mortgages. people forget that in 2006 Flaherty bewitched by wild west financial antics of the states gave the green light to the zero down 40 year mortgages. Only when he saw the catastrophe unfolding south of the border did he switch. Nice one, Jimbo.

Flaherty cost the common good—read social programs– billions of dollars by slashing corporate tax from 22 % to 15 5, the lowest of the G 7. Then he watched his pals in the corporate sector sit on their cash. Canada since 2006 gave up $220 billion in tax cuts. The Fifth Estate did a show on tax evaders, the offshore renegades who are costing us billions. Flaherty cut federal overseers…and then there were the tainted meat scandals…on and on. The market gets a free rein. Business can police itself. Yada, yada, yada.

That would have paid for a lot of decaying infrastructure. The obsession with military spending (who’s about to attack us?) cost us more billions. Hidden from sight by all the talking heads was his adamant refusal to entertain the Tobin Tax which would have kicked in billions for the suffering globe…then those CBC cuts (starvation), his role in Ontario as hit man for Mike Harris and his awful attacks on the public good.

And how about the refusal to fund the CPP…and give seniors a decent retirement. Not on Jimbo’s watch.

Dedicated to public service?


I think not—dedicated to starving the public service.

Sad to see a man die in his prime but Jimbo was not a very good friend of commons.



  1. Jim Flaherty was by all accounts of those who knew him personally a friendly, genial, modest and compassionate man. However, he seems to have been driven in his political life by a blind faith in what might be called the neo-con ideology. Since our electoral system handed the Conservative Party virtually unlimited power, the Party systematically set about destroying much of Canada’s social safety net. The damage done to the majority of Canadians, especially the young Canadians, in terms of security and social and economic stability has been enormous.
    The decision to have a state funeral was likely partly due to the shock of his early and sudden death. It was nevertheless hurtful to those of us who strive for a just society to see such honours heaped on a person whose work did so much harm.
    Mary-Ellen Kavanagh

  2. 2

    How would you like to have a public debate, Ted? One of the parishes would host us. We could have a debate on Catholicism and the Free Market.

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