Our sad fall from grace under Harper



At the centre for Canadian Studies at the Guandong University of Foreign Studies, Chinese academics ripped the Harper government for the sad decline of Canada in International affairs.


Their 400 page tome mirrors what many Canadians have been saying about the shameful sullying of our formerly sterling reputation.

Our PM is described as “a leader who has overseen a sullying of the country’s reputation as its national character is rewritten by the push for dirty oil sands crude.”

The academics added that “Canada once took seriously its role as defender of peace in the international community, a sincere mediator of international arguments and a good global citizen.”

Now bear in mind these are serious scholars not the Chinese government. They did get it right: We have become an international scofflaw, America lite, an outlier and a deep embarrassment to our respected position as a middle power with progressive values. Everywhere diplomats are asking: what the hell happened to Canada?

The answer is Stephen Harper the man who listens to no one and treats our foreign service as an echo chamber for his far rightist views. Hopeless on climate justice, the blinkered defender of the Alberta Tar Sands one festering suppurating wound on our wounded planet. Here is a man who does not understand the “Greater economy” of our generative Mother Earth, the basis of healthy living. You just can not be well on a sick planet

Don’t get former Tory PM Joe Clark started on this either. His latest book How We Lead (Random House) is a devastating look at our fall from grace under the ideologue Harper.

Haroon Siddiqui in the Star summed up Clark’s book like this:

It’s a damning critique of how Harper has changed Canada’s image in the world, from a nation admired for its sophistication in mediating, peacekeeping and working co-operatively in multilateral institutions to one that’s belligerent, divisive and dismissive of the United Nations and other international institutions, such as the Commonwealth, La Francophonie and the Organization of American States.

Clark mentions our pathetic macho posturing on the global stage, bellicose, madly in love with the military in which he’d never serve, sacrificing Canadian kids, pawns on a chessboard in the Afghani conflict. Renaming our roads the Highway of Heroes. Our whole peacekeeping reputation shredded.


And never consulting our diplomats on the ground. What do they know anyway? The pro-Israel ideologue Harper has blessed everything the international pariah israel has done.


Can we recover from this awful administration?



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Be assured that our beloved Prime Minister is not amused with your Israeli graffiti work ! Thankfully you did not disrupt one strand of his most precious hair.

    Your post Ted is far too kind to a man who has done everything within his power to destroy the very foundation of our democracy and apologize to no one for the harm he has done to our reputation abroad- to name just a few.

    Taking on The Right Honourable
    Beverley McLachlin PC CStJ-17th Chief Justice of Canada was just his latest childish tirade given he was not having his way in controlling the highest court in our land. Whatever the nature of his or his Justice Minister’s telephone conversation – painting her in such negative tones before the Canadian public brings only harm to his own government as well as the country he leads.

    I never thought anyone could be as ruthlessly right wing as Preston Manning. But I was wrong! The think tank right wing leader has been outdone! We should all aspire to calling him “Stephen” as his Israeli PM friend never fails to herald.

    I know of no Canadian PM who has spent as much time abroad as Harper. Correct me if I am wrong. His treatment of the United Nations will go down as the worst on record for a Canadian PM.

    His worst record will be the environment. Recklessly going full steam ahead on the tar sands and telling Obama it’s his way or the highway on the Keystone Pipeline- he remains resolute in his determination to destroy all opposition in sight until he gets his way.

    Reforming the Senate? Well he tried to stack the deck, but that failed with his own pitiful appointments of Duffy and associates and when that failed he tried to get it done through the Supreme Court and that bad coin got rejected too. Purposely done perhaps to Pilate like wash his hands clean of the very mess he created. So then like a spoiled brat he goes about bad mouthing the top justice in the country. Never before have I seen such a quiet within the PMO following the outpouring of support from every legal branch of this country.

    It was a sad day for democracy when Canadians elected Harper and the Conservatives. God forbid he gets another term.

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    Our sad fall from grace under Harper | Theology in the Vineyard

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