Blue Jays cave to militarist USA



How low can you go?

I was disgusted decades ago when the Blue Jays opened their season on Good Friday. Is nothing sacred? Answer no, of course not. We would not think of practicing on Good Friday when I was running ball teams for the Knights of Columbus. It just wasn’t done but as they say that was then and this is now. But then I taught in a Catholic school where the obtuse VP got on the PA and on Holy Thursday and wished the student body, “a good long weekend.”

Now Major League baseball ordered the teams to dress in military camouflage to celebrate Memorial Day last Monday, a holiday unheard of in Canada.

More of the cloying uber-patriotism the USA is famous for but which used to be frowned on in Canada. A few years ago the ugly Yankee owner George Steinbrenner had a fan ejected when the poor sap never got up to sing America the Beautiful at the seven inning stretch.

All of this is post 9/11 nonsense

The caps and jerseys featured “an authentic military digital camouflage design licensed from the U.S. Marine Corps in honor of Memorial Day,” according to Major League Baseball. The Blue Jays Canadianized it by using “a camouflage design based on the Canadian Disruptive Pattern (“CADPAT”) used by Canadian Forces.”

Stephen Harper would have loved this suck up to the Yanks. First we had “the highway of heroes” for the 401, then a bloated military budget and now this hokey genuflection to the military. Don Cherry presumably was over the top.



As Pierre Trudeau once said, it’s tough when the mouse lives next to the elephant. The consumer BS does not recognize the 49th parallel and all this disgusting militarism finds its way here and we go along with it.

Shame on the Blue Jays for capitulating.



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    mushafta Says:

    The Canadian people have no mind of their own. This is a U.S. clone- government, media, Walmart, MacDonald’s etc. Check with corporate USA before you say or do anything.
    Of course, if it was for Snowdon we wouldn’t even know that they already know everything now already.

    Never too sure why we haven’t seen our Cardinal Collins in a military uniform. Did you hear a statement from the Canadian Catholic Church on our involvement in Afghanistan? An edict for those supporting the killing of fetuses but not for those dropping bombs on innocents in Afghanistan. Somehow there’s a dispensation or plenary indulgence for governments going off to war but a full edict comes down on Trudeau for his stance on abortion. I think this is called a double standard.

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