Jesuit educated Neanderthal


The world is burning and these two leaders are laughing.


Australian PM Tony Abbott last week in Ottawa


Christopher Hume wrote this in the Star today


Unlike most world leaders — if that’s the right term — these two want to be frank; they will do nothing to stop global warming, they proudly declared, if it might hurt the economy. Not one dollar, certainly not one job, shall be lost in the fight to control climate change, the gravest issue we face today.

That pained smile Harper adopts when forced to explain his most indefensible actions to a room full of doubters was much in evidence Monday when the two PMs showered the benefit of their wisdom upon ungrateful media hordes. The difference between us and them, we were reminded, is that other nations are hypocrites and we’re not. We’re upfront about it — the environment is not our issue. Other leaders may say they care; but they don’t.


Well, actually, some do care. But not Canada or Australia. Why should we? Just because Oz is burning up and beset with drought. Just because two-thirds of Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they reach 70. Just because Canada was the only country of 27 studied by the Centre for Global Development whose record on the environment actually got worse last year. Just because the tarsands are synonymous with greed, environmental degradation and, in Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s word, “filth.”


A friend in Australia, a female religious wrote me about Abbott in these terms:


We have the most disgusting prime minister – Catholic, arch conservative and without a heart or empathy.  Tony Abbott – went to Jesuit school. Recently the whole of the senior class wrote him an open letter bewailing his betrayal of Jesuit ideals and principles.  Made no difference as I think he believes he is chosen by God and so infallible (sound familiar?)


One would ask how does a man Jesuit-educated escape with his moral compass awry? What happened on the way to the top job? Did money corrupt him? What well is he drinking from?


There is room for differences of opinion among Christians but guys like this and the Ayn Rand loving Paul Ryan the Republican VP candidate in the last  US election seem lost and disconnected from a sacramental orientation.


The beautiful thing about both Abbott and Ryan is that both men’s views were repudiated very forcefully by their Catholic contemporaries.



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    Reblogged this on allanbaker.

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    Come on, Ted. Let’s get some more challenging stuff on this site. You’re too old for the fallacy of ridicule.

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    mushafta Says:

    It’s appropriate to utter a few words to keep the dialogue going on the topic of war and the environment.

    Harper grossly miscalculated on the Northern B.C. Pipeline last week. There is fierce opposition to it among practically everyone I speak to from B.C. Harper’s a bright man – but he totally got this one wrong. The environment will not tolerate that pipeline- nor will the natives. It simply won’t happen!

    And thank God for American Catholic sisters! They are clearly leading the way in their opposition to the American war machine. The disgusting amount of projected military spending is sickening. The U.S. is fast on its way to an unprecedented bankruptcy. Just take a look at this account:
    The pressures to increase military spending
    Mary Ann McGivern | Jun. 20, 2014 NCR Today

    For a month now, I’ve been sitting on a May 20 New York Times op-ed by two Marine officers about the benefits of the A-10 attack plane and the limitations of relying on high-tech, cheaper military solutions like the drone. The piece is headlined “The Limits of Armchair Warfare.”
    It’s an apt title, another challenge to military reliance on automation, computer operation, and light and agile equipment, the trappings of the modern army as touted since the end of the Cold War. But it is also a challenge to the current assessment of what wars we will be fighting next or whether diplomacy can replace front-line troops on the ground, their way cleared by the low-flying reconnaissance and air support, i.e., the A-10. These planes are armored with titanium and carry a heavy 30-mm flying cannon. In 1994, each unit cost $11.8 million, which today would be about $19 million apiece. The Air Force estimates that the retirement of A-10s would save $3.7 billion.

    The A-10 is meant to be replaced by the F-35, which I have called a boondoggle in these blogs. In 2013, F-35s cost up to $156 million; learning curve efficiency gains yield a projected 2020 cost of $85 million each. So at the savings of $3.7 billion, we propose to spend about a trillion dollars on this new F-35.

    Visit our new website, Global Sisters Report!
    The debate is lively, but only in military circles. However, nobody in the churches is saying, “If we build the weapon, we will use it” or “What will make us secure?” or “Where our treasure is, there our heart will be.”

    As we watch civil war unfold in Iraq, we are lamenting our many failings there, though the lists of those failings may differ. But we don’t seem to take any of them into account in our budgeting process. How could we have spent that trillion dollars differently to get a different result? How might we spend the trillion dollars earmarked for the F-35 differently? Do we want to do the tasks the A-10 makes it possible for our troops to do? We need to talk.

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    mushafta Says:

    Supreme Court ruling on B.C. Land claims hands Harper another mighty blow!

    What a powerful blow to the express oil train Harper’s riding! What a great day fir the Aboriginal people if this land! What a triumph for the constitutional democracy we live in! Notice to all Conservatives: you do not own the Supreme Court of Canada!
    And good luck with your hell bent pipeline decision that it goes through at all costs! $$$$$$$ is not the only value that binds this country together!

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    mushafta Says:

    Legionnaries of Christ to receive Vatican appointed supervisor:

    You said it Ted! And so did CBC’s Mea Culpa mea Maxima culpa!

    And what about the intimate relationship their founder had with the both Benedict and JP2?
    How could they have missed this one?

    National Catholic Reporter:
    The seven-week gathering of 61 Legionary priests from 11 countries also issued a letter condemning the “reprehensible and objectively immoral behavior” of the congregation’s founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, citing his “abuse of minor seminarians,” “immoral acts with adult men and women,” “arbitrary use of his authority and of material goods,” “indiscriminate consumption of addictive medicines” and plagiarism.

    The chapter was the culmination of a reform process that began with a Vatican-ordered apostolic visitation in 2009. That investigation was prompted by revelations that Maciel, who died in 2008, had fathered at least one illegitimate child and sexually abused boys in his own seminaries.

    In 2010, the Vatican announced that Maciel had been guilty of “seriously and objectively immoral behavior” and “real crimes,” and had lived a “life devoid of scruples and of genuine religious meaning.” That same year, Pope Benedict XVI named Cardinal Velasio De Paolis to supervise the Legionaries’ reform.

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    mushafta Says:

    The Prophet Schmidt- were he here today would remind us that celibacy does not work. For the first time, a high ranking bishop has been defrocked. But not by St JP2 or Benedict who appeared to either look the other way or simply not listen.
    Take a look:

    Vatican ex-ambassador convicted of sex abuse
    Posted: Jun 27, 2014 6:38 AM MDT
    Updated: Jun 27, 2014 7:39 AM MDT
    Associated Press
    VATICAN CITY (AP) – The Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic has been convicted by a church tribunal of sex abuse and has been defrocked, the first such sentence handed down against a top papal representative.

    The Vatican said Friday that Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was found guilty by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in recent days, and sentenced to the harshest penalty possible against a cleric under canon law: laicization, meaning he can no longer perform priestly duties or present himself as a priest.

    Wesolowski has two months to appeal. As a papal diplomat and citizen of the Vatican City State, he also faces criminal charges by the tribunal of Vatican City, which can carry a prison term. The Vatican said it would take “adequate measures” to ensure he doesn’t flee pending the outcome of that investigation.

    The Holy See recalled the Polish-born Wesolowski on Aug. 21, and relieved him of his job after the archbishop of Santo Domingo told Pope Francis about rumors that Wesolowski had sexually abused teenage boys in the Dominican Republic.

    Dominican authorities subsequently opened an investigation, but haven’t charged him. Poland, too, opened an investigation into Wesolowski and a friend and fellow Polish priest.

    Wesolowski was the highest-ranking Vatican official to be investigated for alleged sex abuse, and his case had raised questions about whether the Vatican, by extracting him from Dominican jurisdiction, was protecting him and placing its own investigations ahead of that of authorities in the Caribbean nation. The case was cited by two U.N. committees that grilled the Vatican earlier this year on its sex abuse record, but Vatican officials assured committee members that justice would be served within the Vatican’s legal system.

    The Vatican has never said how Wesolowski responded to the charges and hasn’t provided contact information for his lawyer.

    The case has been particularly delicate because Wesolowski was ordained both a priest and a bishop by his Polish countryman and former pope, St. John Paul II.


    Follow Nicole Winfield at http://www.twitter.

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    mushafta Says:

    Can Pope Francis pull the October Synod on the family out of the fires of failure?

    If Ted were around, he’d be talking about the sensus fidelium and the lack of meaningful lay participation in the Church -a failure to implement Vatican 2.

    It is sad to read Fr Thomas Reese S.J. and his take on this clerical dominated synod. Dealing with much the same issues as the 1980 synod on such matters as divorce, cohabitation, irregular marriages, abortion, birth control, poverty, polygamy in Africa, interfaith marriages, annulments, extramarital sex, child upbringing, etc. he talks about a deja vu; another missed opportunity.

    In a recent article in the National Catholic Reporter he writes that
    “these issues will no doubt get the same response as before- better catechesis, better preaching, better seminary training, better marriage preparation, prayer, marriage courses in Catholic schools, couples counseling, parish outreach, devotion to the Holy Family, etc.

    Many of the same solutions are proposed: better catechesis, better preaching, better seminary training, better marriage preparation, prayer, marriage courses in Catholic schools, couples counseling, parish outreach, devotion to the Holy Family, etc.

    Granted the return of all these old topics in the new instrumentum laboris, one could conclude that the 1980 synod on the family was a failure, but it is not clear how this new synod will do any better.”

    Fr Tom Reese is no stranger to criticism of the established church. He has said many times before that the lay people have stopped listening when bishops use their authority to reign in the sheep. And clearly, their tone has not changed one iota. Reference Ted’s recent post on Cardinal Collin’s run down of Trudeau’s abortion stance.

    The real question for me is the influence Pope Francis will have- barring any health issues which are becoming a regular concern.

    Can Super Hero Pope Francis save this synod? – which far too many lay people I talk to don’t know or care about.

  8. 8
    mushafta Says:

    Revenge in Israel

    Only a few weeks ago the pope was in the Holy Land promoting peace. Today the Prime Minister of Israel promised revenflge for the killing of three Jewish seminarians. He wants Hamas to pay.

    How does war ever end if we accept the Old Testament belief of retaliation- an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? Jesus’ words of forgiveness and compassion are not acceptable to all people- but is there a better solution?

    I’m convinced there is no better herald of peace today than Pope Francis. He holds center stage and fearlessly speaks his mind on all manner of issues. But can his influence overcome the enormous propensity of the Jewish law if talion?
    Let us join Francis in his prayer for peace in the Holy Land.

  9. 9

    Where is Ted?

  10. 10
    mushafta Says:

    Missing in action! I wish I knew.

  11. 11
    mushafta Says:

    Check with CSIS- they’ll have hom tracked to his last step.

  12. 12

    I’m sorry, Ted. I’m sorry for all the things I said in the past. Come back! We miss you. Come back, please.

  13. 13
    mushafta Says:

    Dear Ted,
    We miss you! Francesco 49 seeks a full pardon for the hurt he has caused you. I too hunger for your inspired word, prophetic revelations. Please return soon Ted!

    We truly miss your every word!

  14. 14


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    My sentiments here:….0…1ac.1.48.img..1.9.713.NZN0I3fJV98#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

  16. 16
    mushafta Says:

    Dear Ted,
    Where are you? The vineyard is running dry. Climate change- the biggest moral ussue of the day, is effecting the grapes of joy. Your sheep long to hear your golden voice, as you i’m sure long to smell your sheep. Francesco 49, the prodigal son is here at the gate of the vineyard awaiting your embrace; I too long to drink the new wine and feast on the fatted calf. Come Ted- put on the great banquet in honour if your son’s repentance. Let the joyous celebration begin!

  17. 17

    That’s right: I’ve joined Greenpeace. I’m back. I’ve returned. Slaughter the fattened calf–if we’re allowed to eat meat, that is. Maybe we should just have Tofu salad or something like that.

  18. 18
    mushafta Says:

    Indeed a miracle Ted! Our brother Francesco 49 has repented and converted to your fold! Is this not what the vineyard was created for? Dialogue, communication? Sharing of the fruit of the vine?

    Slaughter the fatted calf Ted! Welcome home our dear brother Francesco 49 and open wide the vineyard to all!

  19. 19

    Ted: The Church is finally listening to you. Check out this title:

    First Woman Ever Appointed Rector of a Pontifical University

    Come back, Ted!

  20. 20
    mushafta Says:

    Right on brother Francesco 49!
    And Pope Francis continues to courageously speak out agains injustice- just the other day he called on nations to stop using land mines. We have a brave pope in Francis!

    National Catholic Reporter:
    Calling landmines “the weapons of cowards,” Pope Francis expressed his solidarity with those trying to ban them from the earth and especially with victims of such weapons.
    His statement came at the end of the Third Review Conference of the International Landmine treaty, a process more formally known as the Ottawa Convention.

    The treaty was written up in 1994 and to date 161 nations have signed. The United States has resisted signing the treaty, but announced at the meeting it would no longer add to its landmine stockpile, with an eye to signing the treaty one day.

    Anti-landmine advocates have long criticized the U.S. for holding on to its landmines, viewed by many as an indiscriminate weapon, and one that lingers for decades after wars end. .

    The treaty bans the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of these anti-personnel mines and calls on signatory nations to help find and destroy them.

    Some estimates put the current number of landmines, found in more than 70 nations, at over 10 million. Explosions were killing some 10,000 to 15,000 annually in the 1990s. But as awareness has grown and landmine removal efforts have continued this number has fallen to around 4,000 deaths each year, many of these being children.

    Francis, in condemning landmine use, said he felt particularly connected with victims of these devices, according to a Vatican statement.

    The Landmine Conference, held in Maputo, Mozambique from June23 to 27, saw participation of over 1,000 representatives of states and international and non-governmental organizations.

    The pope’s message was sent by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. In it, Francis described landmines as “the weapons of cowards,” pointing out that the wounds inflicted by these weapons “remind us that the use of weapons in general represent a defeat for all.”

    The Vatican was among the early supporters and signers of the treaty.

    Francis praised those who attended the conference for their capacity to make binding decisions that will change the daily life of “so many families, communities, regions and countries who continue to live every day in fear of landmines, in insecurity and poverty”.

    Each person, Francis said, wants to live in peace, the opposite of fear. “Anti-personnel mines,” he said, “are subtle because they prolong war and nurture fear even when conflict has ended”.

    The pope urged all nations “to preserve the integrity of the [Landmine] convention, to develop and implement it as closely and quickly as possible.”

    He called for a world in which “no child should live in fear of landmines!” adding he hopes the treaty might represent a model for other treaties, “in particular for nuclear weapons and other weapons that should not exist”.

    “What is the meaning of peace, security and stability if our societies, our communities and our families live in constant fear and destructive hatred?” he asked in his statement.

    “Let us give space to reconciliation, hope, and love that are expressed in the commitment for common good, in international cooperation to help the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters, in the implementation of policies based on our common dignity”.

  21. 21
    mushafta Says:

    Where is Ted Schmidt?

    Ted! I hear Pope Francis is meeting for the first time ever with the victims of child sexual abuse.

    Why is it Ted, after all these years a pope us only now meeting with the victims of these satanic attacks?
    Why has the church been so defensive in not responding to a United Nations condemnation about its priests behaviour with children?

    And why did the last two popes do so little about this all important issue?

  22. 22
    mushafta Says:

    John Baird Condemns Hamas.

    How many times have we seen this movie? Only one side is to blame in the recent predictable attacks on the Gaza strip by Israel after Hamas rockets hit parts of Israel. At least that’s the opinion of the Harper pro Israel government.

    The conflict never seems to cease. And where will it end? What troubles me is the consistency of our government in never condemning both sides in the conflict. Always siding with Israel is just wrong.
    Pathetic response minister Baird!

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