The murder continues



Downsizing the number of Palestinians all over historic Palestine is still the Zionist vision. In Gaza, its implementation takes its most inhuman form.

Ilan Pappe, Israeli historian

Watching the unconscionable siege of Gaza, the pummeling of a civilian population,a penned up people, 1.7 million, hemmed in  on every side at the mercy of sophisticated missiles one wonders how long  the world can tolerate such a callous war crime. The tally Sunday night:

368 Palestinians killed, of whom 299 are civilians, Including 84 children and 43 women, and 2,340 others wounded, mostly civilians, Including 679 children and 478 women; 389 houses targeted and destroyed and hundreds of others extensively damaged, thousands of Palestinian civilians forcibly displaced. Sewage,water and power grids destroyed

Here we have a civilian populace with no army to defend itself at the mercy of lethal hi-tech murder and we have to listen the glib justification of military commanders in perfect English defend the indefensible and legitimate such indiscriminate bombing. Israel is not to blame. It is all Hamas’s fault.

F-16 fighters  and drones  descend   on these “pathetic ducks in a barrel”. They have no bomb shelters, literally nowhere to run or hide in an overcrowded urban center. They cannot leave; all exits are barred. They have no Iron Dome anti missile system.

It is all Hamas’s fault.

The pathetic home-made rockets are simply the crazed behaviour  of an oppressed people encased  in steel. They are the furious howl of a people without hope. This response has simply given israel another chance at “the incremental genocide”(Pappe) Goliath is waging on David.

And all we hear from the craven John Kerry and Barack Obama, “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

And the US keeps sending $3 billion a year as settlements  grow and more  Palestinian  land is eaten up and international law is defied.

US elections are on the horizon and money easily trumps cheap Palestinian blood.

On July 19 several Nobel laureates, public intellectuals  and cultural workers signed an open letter in the Guardian

Among the Nobelists were   Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Adolfo Peres Esquivel, Jody Williams, Mairead Maguire, Rigoberta Menchú and Betty Williams.

Other well known signatories included:
Alice Walker, Writer,

Brian Eno, Composer/musician, UK

Chris Hedges , Journalist, Pulitzer Prize 2002, US

Frei Betto, Liberation theologian, Brazil

Hilary Rose, Academic,

Ilan Pappe, Historian, author, Israel

Ismail Coovadia, former South African Ambassador to Israel

Joao Felicio, President of ITUC, Brazil

John Berger, artist, UK
John Dugard, Former ICJ judge, South Africa

John Pilger, journalist and filmmaker , Australia

Judith Butler, Academic, philosopher,

Ken Loach, Filmmaker, UK

Michael Ondaatje, Author, Canada/Sri Lanka

Mike Leigh, writer and director, UK

Noam Chomsky, Academic, author, US

Nurit Peled, Academic, Israel

Paola Bacchetta, Academic, US

Richard Falk, Former UN Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestinian Territories,

Roger Waters, Musician, UK

Ronnie Kasrils, Former minister in Mandela’s gov’t, South Africa

One wonders where is the prophetic voice of religion.



  1. 1

    What is wonderful is that Israeli historian Ilan Pappe enjoys the freedom to say and write all that. That speaks volumes. What journalist in any Muslim country enjoys the confidence and security to criticize the ruling party?

  2. 2

    You really know how to pick your sources, Ted. Ilan Pappe, socialist, revisionist historian. No bias there. Actually, it is selection bias at its best. Science students were right, in the past. Those in the humanities, the soft sciences, have a need for a thorough grounding in the scientific method. Way too much dogmatism, way too many fallacies. All we get above is “this person confirms what I say, that person confirms what I say”. Perhaps even a lesson in forensic science might do some good. Confirmation of a theory does not prove a theory. Every investigator knows that, every good scientist knows that, but those in the soft sciences still don’t seem to know that.

  3. 4
    mushafta Says:

    I’ve never heard so much manure in all my life!

    For you two boneheaded intellectuals who are so hell bent on defending Israel’s right to annhiolate The Gaza Strip– why not give your intellects a rest and dig deeper into your compassionate soul and see the suffering all of this is bringing to real people!

    For your intellects to absorb:
    The Gaza death toll stands at 573, with 3,554 wounded according to the Palestinian Health Ministry

    Harper, Rex Murphy and other boneheads would call this a measured response!

  4. 6
    mushafta Says:

    A precision surgical strike:

    As the Israeli military expands its assault in the Gaza Strip, casualty numbers continue to grow. At last count, more than 550 Palestinians — mostly civilians — and 25 Israeli soldiers have died. On Monday, an Israeli strike hit a hospital in central Gaza, killing people in the intensive care unit.

  5. 8

    Mushafta: When are we going to be treated to a blog discussion on something like this:

    The Patriarch of the Syro-Catholic Church, Ignace Joseph III Younan, denounced an act which brings “shame on the entire international community. The library and the manuscripts it contained were destroyed. The Pope is by the Christians’ side


    The situation Christians are facing in Iraq is becoming increasingly dramatic. ISIS extremists have burned down the Syro-Catholic bishopric in Mosul, the Patriarch of the Syro-Catholic Church, Ignace Joseph III Younan told Vatican Radio in a statement condemning the act. This morning the patriarch met with the Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, in the Vatican. Pope Francis is following the developments in Iraq closely and with great concern as Christians are struggling to survive. After almost two thousand years, there are now no Christians left in Mosul.

    “The latest news is devastating,” Patriarch Younan told Vatican Radio. “We regretfully repeat what we have always said: religion and politics should not be mixed together. If there is enmity between Shiites, Sunnis and whoever else, this is no reason to attack innocent Christians and other minorities in Mosul and elsewhere. Nor is it a reason to destroy places of worship, churches, bishoprics or parishes in the name of a so-called terrorist organization which will not listen to reason and has no conscience. With regret, we announce that our archbishopric in Mosul has been completely burnt down: manuscripts and the library have gone; And threats have already been issued: if Christians don’t convert to Islam, they will be killed. It is terrible! This brings shame on the entire international community.”

    You can read the rest online. Do you ever wonder why the west is silent on this? Why Ted is silent on this? Christians are also being murdered in Syria, Churches burned down, forced to convert, or get your head cut off.

    I’m just asking the question. Do you ever wonder? Why the silence? Why the “one issue”. Ted used to label pro lifers as “one issue” people. Where is the blog condemning Russian aggression? Where is the blog discussion condemning Islamic aggression in Iraq and Syria? What about the continued oppression in Saudi Arabia?

    Why can’t you see that it’s not really about principle, but ideology. Gotta start thinking Mush. Ya gotta start thinking.

  6. 9

    let’s see, here: books and mss./human beings. equivalency? burning books and mss.= bad. burning books and humans = bad. hm. what would jesus say. hm. what would qoheleth say. and so forth. come with me, we will put a bullet through a book and a bullet through a child, close range, and see which one makes you vomit. and i am not an intellectual, i am an old soldier, and theatre-maker.

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