Jews of Conscience

Though indigenous to the people Israel the prophetic like the covenant travels. The covenant cannot be equated with injustice Injustice practiced over a sustained period of time leaves the community without the covenant. Though the community claims the covenant hoping that the claim will protect the community from scrutiny the reality is the covenant travels to those on the margins.

Marc Ellis Judaism does not equal Israel

israel we know is a secular state and there are many Jews there and elsewhere. who do not see themselves as religious but like many Christians who do not attend services for whatever reasons, they have internalized something of importance.Occupation and Judaism are diametrically opposed. The Exodus is part of their DNA.

For these Jews the pursuit of justice and its absence are more important than belief in God. The Jesuit Henri de Lubac one of the Vatican ll prophets made a similar comment over 60 years ago. He said about Jesus,”to believe in you I must believe in love and justice. And it’s a thousand times better to believe in these things than to pronounce your name.” This of course was a riff on Jesus well known synoptic saying,””Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. (Matt.7:21)

The many Jews who have broken with “the royal consciousness”, the ethnocentric tribal Judaism, those who have embraced a prophetic consciousness have grown massively and are a cause of great hope. Like much of the civilized world they can no longer abide the continuing specter of Palestinians living under a totalitarian,all embracing and never ending humiliation. In a wired world the state lies of Israel are easily refuted. These Jews of conscience here and abroad have a continuous loop playing in their head—the war time shaved heads of their zeydas and bubbes, the horrific dehumanization of lost relatives. They are collectively saying, “Never again.” Case in point.

in New York City on Tuesday, members of Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! occupied the office of the Friends of the IDF. Shockingly this nonprofit group raises money in the United States to send to the Israeli military. That’s right. supporting the military wing of an occupying power..;.and getting a tax break for it.

These brave people read the names of the more than 600 Palestinians killed and demanded the group stop fundraising for the Israeli military. Nine people were arrested when they refused to leave the premises. Others protested outside the office.

REBECCA VILKOMERSON was the spokesperson, an apt representative of Jews of Conscience:

We are protesting against the war on Gaza, against this incredibly terrible assault on civilians, and protesting the fact that this organization right here is actually raising money for the Israeli Defense Forces, helping them, supporting the assault that they’re making on Gazan women, children and families. So we feel like it’s really important, especially as Jews, to make the statement that this is not in our name and that the Jewish community is not behind this assault in the United States and that they need to stop doing this immediately.

DOROTHY ZELLNE added her testimony

I’m a former civil rights worker. I worked with SNCC for five years in the black liberation movement in the United States. Most of us have been to Israel and the West Bank and Gaza, if not once, many times, and we have seen for ourselves what the conditions are there. And it is totally unbearable to know that this country dares to even say they represent us and they speak for us.


We are here to demand, as American Jews, that Friends of the IDF stop funding Israel’s massacre of Palestinians living in Gaza. Over the past two weeks, 621 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed. We are here nonviolently to do a civil disobedience. We mourn all who are lost, and we are reading the names of those who the Friends of the IDF have helped funded the IDF to kill.

MAIA ETTINGER .expressed these sentiments:

I was raised by two Holocaust survivors: my mother and my grandmother. And in their name, I’m here today to oppose the dehumanization of Palestinians, to oppose collective punishment. These were the things that they suffered and that they taught me to fight on behalf of everyone, not just on behalf of Jews.



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    Those are the Jews with conscience, and those who disagree with your position are the Jews without conscience. You simply do not know how to have a discussion, how to dialogue, how to test your claims. You simply demonize your opposition. You are no different than the Evangelical Fundamentalists who are convinced that those who disagree with them are in the dark, or of the devil, etc. You don’t use those terms, but it all amounts to the same thing. It’s all self-righteous demonization, just a bit more subtle than the Evangelicals.

    Here’s quite an article that sheds light on this situation:

  2. 3
    mushafta Says:

    It’s good to know that not everyone in Israel shares the same point if view as Netenyahu. This is hardly a war, but a massacre sanctioned by the majority of well armed Western countries.
    The media is certainly playing its part in this bullying process, legitimizing Israel’s assault; having the right to protect itself. That “right” apparently trumps bombing mostly civilians, women and children; the bombing of hospitals.

    Nothing good will come of this.

    Your blog serves a useful purpose Ted!
    Please kerp the posts coming!

  3. 5

    Hamas rejects ceasefire proposal? That seriously compromises your narrative, Ted.

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