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From working the last several years in the media,I’ve gotten to know a lot of journalists.I’ve gotten to understand a lot more about how these large media outlets function. It really is remarkable, and not hyperbole, that there is nothing that makes major media figures and new executives more petrified than reporting on IsraelThe way in which they become so frightened to do any sort of reporting that could make what they call Israel’s supporters inside the United States angry cant really be overstated.

Glen Greenwald

When the beautiful Christian ex-President and Nobel prize winner Jimmy Carter published his book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid (2006) not everyone cheered. Carter had been deeply involved in Middle East policies for three decades. He was a Groucho Marxist. The late comic famously opined, “Who do you believe, me or your eyes.”

Carter had seen it all and like the Hebrew prophets of old, he told it like it was: “an apartheid system was being created in the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians are deprived of basic human rights, their land has been occupied, then confiscated, then colonized by the Israeli settlers….Israel’s continued control and colonization of Palestinian land have been the primary obstacles to a comprehensive peace agreement in the Holy Land.

He went on to criticize Israel for building what he describes as an imprisonment wall through the West Bank. He accused Israel of strangling the residents of Gaza where the poverty rate has reached 70 percent and where the malnutrition rate mirrors countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. And Carter is critical of Washington’s role.” The United States,” he wrote,” is squandering international prestige and goodwill and intensifying global anti-American terrorism by unofficially condoning or abetting the Israeli confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories.”

One of the persons who went ballistic was the frequent International expert” Janice Stein of the Munk Centre at the U.of T. whom apparently Steve Paikin on his show the Agenda can not get enough of, said that Carter must be insane to hold such views. Her experience in Gaza and Occupied Territories—zilch, nada. But she keeps appearing though on CBC and TVO as an expert.

Now one who seldom ever appears any more is former Sun writer and award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. Eric Margolis…and here is why, his July 28 column (edited here)



Israel’s 155mm Cure For Terrorism

By Eric Margolis

This event(the Suez crisis) is worth recalling as we today watch US President Barack Obama and his hapless Secretary of State John Kerry plead with Israel to stop massacring Palestinians in Gaza.

What could be more pitiful than two of the world’s most supposedly powerful men imploring Israel to stop killing Palestinians with US-supplied weapons like F-16 warplanes and heavy 155mm self-propelled guns – which violates US Arms Export Act, though no one in Washington dares to admit this? Or resuming military payoffs to Egypt’s brutish military dictatorship to keep Palestinians locked up in the Gaza Ghetto?
After five decades of patient work, the pro-Israel lobby now gives the US Congress its marching orders on the Mideast. The media in the US and Canada have largely adopted Israel’s narrative about the Mideast and Gaza.

Here in New York City, watching the TV news, one would think Gaza is a nest of demented terrorists threatening Israel’s very existence with ‘terror tunnels’ and ‘terror rockets.’ Hamas, which Israel helped create to split Palestinians, is a ‘terror organization.’ Palestinian children are running in front of Israeli 155mm heavy artillery shells to give Israel a bad name. Interestingly, one of the best source for real news on what’s going on is Israel’s excellent newspaper, “Ha’aretz.”

There is growing anger around the globe over Israel’s savaging of Palestinians, but Americans don’t see this. As the Arab death toll rises to over 1,000, the world is calling for an imposed cease fire and an end to Israel’s and Egypt’s cruel siege of Gaza. America is getting blamed for the horrors of Gaza.

Washington should be able to demand that Israel, which is due to receive over $30 billion in US aid in the next decade, cease fire and open Gaza’s gates. Of all the vetoes cast since 1950 in the UN Security Council, the majority have been by the US to protect Israel from censure.

Can Washington act to enforce America’s national interests and common humanity? Not likely.


Israel has long timed its punitive assaults to sync with the US elections cycle. We are now in the penumbra of America’s upcoming November elections, and Israel knows it. Now’s the time, in Israel’s view, to crush Hamas into dust and tell foreign critics to go to hell.

In fact, the Arab and greater Muslim world’s silence and inaction over the massacre in Gaza suggests that the Greater Israel expansionists may be right. 5.5 million Palestinians remain after all these years sand in the eye of the Mideast.



  1. 1
    wmgrace Says:

    Its hard to forget Eric Margolis telling Steve Paikin (or Peter Mansbridge possibly) in the initial days of the Iraq invasion 2003, that “the Iraqi people quite simply do not want to be liberated by the US”. He got that right, and quite rightly dismissed most if not all, that was written by the imbedded journalist mouthpieces of the day.

    Really, Margolis is and has been an expert on the Middle East for years. He’s a stand-alone (no think tank connections, no cash infusions required) investigative journalist. You have to respect his views.

  2. 2

    “The Iraqi people quite simply do not want to be liberated by the US”. He got that right

    The Iraqi people do not want peace, do not want liberation. Hmmm.

    However, when we point out that Hamas and other Islamic radicals do not want peace, we just can’t believe it. Everyone wants peace, we insist.

    In any case, WM, I know Iraqis who were very happy to have been liberated, and they tell me that Iraqis were very happy to have been liberated. The problem in the Middle East is still the radicals, Islamo Fascism.

    But no, says Ted, everyone is good willed, everyone wants peace, there are no oppressors except of course those money hungry Americans.

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