“It’s the tunnels not the burning children”

1432 Gazans killed
1219 civilians
346 children

A of 8 A.M Friday morning a 72 hour cease fire has been announced in Gaza.

When I was taken to the remains of the Warsaw ghetto many years ago I met a gentleman selling copies of pictures taken that April of 1943, all taken by the Waffen SS. They were brutal beyond words, men jumping out of buildings and some coming out of sewers with their hands up. As a holocaust educator, i bought them to show to my students.

The brilliant spoof of the NY Times  by the People’s Cube.



25 years later I had to endure the bizarre propaganda emanating from Israeli spokesmen. They were obsessing about “the tunnels, the tunnels”.THis was their latest line peddled to a stunned world by their pliant acolytes who seem to be living in another parallel universe. Of course they were “terror tunnels”. Israel always has a cute way with words

No mention of the sadistic inhumane destruction of Gaza especially the missiles which killed 19 in a UN shelter. Even the docile White House appalled by the latest barbarity spoke out. spokesman Josh Earnest stated “The shelling of a UN facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable and totally indefensible.” All this from the USA?
And how about the truly awful line of Israel’s favourite Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. who blamed Hamas!

Harper IS

The US with its craven leadership finally realized what civilized countries have known: Enough is enough. And behind the scenes they read the riot act to Netanyahu, surely one of the worst leadrs Israel has had to endured, best described by Avi shlaim, the Israeli historian now teaching at Oxford:” the destroyer of dreams, the man of the undivided  land of Israel but not of peaceful co-existence, the underminer of the Oslo accords, the man who gave the right wing settlers free rein to harm, harass and heap humiliations on the long-suffering population of te occupied territories, a man whose ideological makeup militated against trading land for peace and finally the man who betrayed the legacy of the founder of the movement by spurning the offer of the  Palestinians.”(The Iron Wall, p.606)

The day before (you can’t make this stuff up) I watched the hapless John Kerry petulantly defend himself against Israeli critics with this line: “I have always had a 100% voting record in the Senate”—justifying everything Israel has done to the Palestinians.” So much for moral leadership from this hostage to the israeli Lobby. Oh yeah, Congrsssional races are on the horizon.
As for the tunnels.What would you expect when Gaza has become a prison teetering on total collapse, children traumatized, power plant destroyed, blockaded on every side and Israel and its true believers shouting tunnels!



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    There are few words to describe the suffering of these defenceless people.
    And Ezra Levant leads a pro Israel group in Calgary. The tilt goes on; selective use of words to justify the outrageous crimes of Israel and such black and white condemnation of the Hamas militants with zero understanding of the broader terms. Pathetic. Barbarism with no conscience. A return to the dark ages.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Ted Schmidt- The Prophet

    Ted’s humility will never permit him to be compared to any biblical prophet. However it has become clear to me that his brazen style and relentless pressure on the fulcrums of injustice no matter what and where they are in the world of politics and religion fully warrant the term “prophet”.

    At the risk of further ridicule I will even go as far as to compare Ted to Catherine Doherty- a woman up for canonization. No- Ted’s sanctity will not be considered in comparison to that of this saintly lady, but his strong will and resolute determination to speak out to the powerful voices of the day deserves profound respect.

    Strange how everyone Catholic jumps on the abortion bandwagon to support their Cardinal or bishop- but let an issue like the brutality of the war in Gaza arise- and they’re either nowhere to be seen or strongly supporting the oppressor. So be it for Catholic principals of support for injustice.

    Years ago Catherine Doherty stood up to Cardinal Spellman on the issue of racism in America. Americans didn’t get it- much like they and Canadians don’t get the injustice of apartheid and the massacre of today’s Palestinians. Harper and Baird in particular!

    Ted is a voice that cries in the wilderness.

    Catherine Doherty asked Cardinal Spellman to accept a gifted boy from Harlem into a Catholic college in his diocese.

    “How can I” he said, “A lot if wealthy benefactors would withdraw their funding. How would we pay our huge mortgage?”

    “If you don’t accept him, what religion will you be teaching in your college?” Catherine responded. “You’ll wind up paying for your mortgage twice, once here and once in hell!”

    When she got back to Friendship House she told the staff to pack up, they were done for. She had told a Cardinal he was going to Hell!

    Spellman phoned her a few days later:
    “I decided I only want to pay for that mortgage once. Send us your student”

    Chapter 23 Victorious Exile by Echo Lewis.

    This is Ted Schmidt today!

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