Another UN school bombed

Gaza’s morgues are overflowing to such an extent that medics are being forced to pack babies’ bodies into  ice cream freezers




Yet another attack August 3 on a United Nations school in Gaza has left 10 people dead with dozens more injured. When the deadly strike hit a street just outside of the gates of the school in Rafah. This is the second attack on a UN school in a week and the seventh since this so-called “war” began. Elsewhere in Rafah, more than 30 people were killed in bombing and shelling on Sunday morning, bringing the total number of dead in the city in the past 48 hours to more than 100.

Christopher Gunness UN spokesman in Gaza stated they had called the Israeli defense forces (IDF) 33 times repeating the co-ordinates of the school.
We are obliged to let them know. We phone them up and let them know the firing is getting closer and closer. You have to phone them for an explanation. “There is no evidence of any militants inside the school,” he stated. ”These people were told by the IDF to leave their outrage around the world is real. It is visceral. We have called for an investigation. The victims are owed the truth. Their dignity demands this.

As usual the hasbara (propaganda) from Israel continued. ”We do not target civilians”, said Peter Lerner in his plum English accent. Like Mark Regev, the smooth standard bearer of the Israeli propaganda machine, these peddlers of deceit and justification are very professional English speakers to the rest of the world. This is often in contrast to the heavily accented Palestinian spokespeople who appear foreign to Western ears. This is meant to give the appearance that these Arabs are not like us.

Gunness in his capacity as a UN spokesperson delicately challenged the predictable “apologies.”

“A long litany of such apologetics is standard in Israel. Always an apology. There never is a follow up. I ask you in general earnestness, have you seen a full and frank investigation with prosecution and people being held responsible. Is the IDF genuine in this?11 of the UNRWA staff have been killed. This a human catastrophe taken place. Homelessness, a public health catastrophe is advancing. UNRWA can not leave.

Gaza’s morgues are overflowing to such an extent that medics are being forced to pack babies’ bodies into ice cream freezers, shocking pictures have revealed. The Gaza’s medical facilities are ‘on the verge of collapse’ with buildings left in ruins and half of medics unable to get to work. Palestinians say corpses now litter the streets and casualties fill the blood-stained emergency room floors of Gaza’s hospitals, a third of which have been damaged in the fighting.


Pierre Kranebuhl Commissioner General of UNRWA stated that the occupying power must be held responsible. The belligerent parties are responsible under international law for civilian protection

Meanwhile the US Congress supported a $235 million gift to the IDF to upgrade the Iron Dome missile defense system. There was no such money available to Palestinians to stop the more lethal missiles from entering Gaza.

“A moral outrage and a criminal act” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
Jen Psaki a State Department official stated that “United States is appalled by today’s disgraceful shelling outside an UNRWA school in Rafah where at least ten more Palestinian civilians were tragically killed.

“A criminal act”—but here’s more money to top up the $3 nillion  a year we give you annually.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    And where’s Harper and Baird? No doubt standing firm on the premise Israel has the right to defend itself.

    There’ll come a day if reckoning for Israel. This mass slaughter of innocents will not go on forever. The abysmal ignorance of the populous does not surprise me. Hollywood will make gory movies out of this and get richer on it. A culture of war, revenge and selfishness.

    No remorse, no shame, no conscience.

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Keep writing Ted! Regardless of who comes here or who doesn’t.
    Your prophetic stance encourages people like myself who just do not have the education, background, understanding and energy to invest in these important issues of social justice. It makes me think, gives me hope and forces me to read more and get others to do the same. I’m finding an incredible ignorance out there- unbelievable indifference! So many young people especially who just couldn’t care less !

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