The Lies keep coming


ORI_0365-640x425-580x385The Lies
by Buff Whitman-Bradley

The lies rise early

To shower and shave

And don their heroic flight suits

(The lies are nothing
If not clean-cut

and smartly turned-out


At breakfast the lies

Playfully mock each other

And make light

Of the dangers of their upcoming mission

Over enemy territory

(The lies are nothing

If not courageous


During their preflight briefing

The lies receive

Aerial photographs

And location coordinates

For surgical strikes

Against terrorist targets

(The lies are nothing

If not precise)


In the cockpits of their F16s

The lies crack jokes

Over their crackling radios

About mowing down “future terrorists”

(The lies are nothing
If not witty)


When they return to base

The lies meet over a few beers

To review their day’s work

And pledge allegiance once again

To the founding myths

While on enemy ground

Countless small truths

Bleed into soil and sand


This poem was originally published at The New Verse News, a Buff Whitman-Bradley is the author of four books of poetry,


Israel PR has always been good—lies,of course, but effective Mark Regev the dulcet Australian spindoctor in chief is very good at his lies. Always polite and always wrong, a bold faced liar.
Formerly Mark Freiberg, he changed his name (too Germanic) to the more acceptable Regev when he emigrated from Melbourne in 1982.


Margalit Toledano, an Israeli writer who has written on Israel’s PR pretty well nails him “Effective professional spokespeople should also advise governments, not just deliver their messages. Regev doesn’t seem to provide good advice about the content of the message. There is rarely a credible apology or expression of empathy with Palestinian victims. Nor is there any mention of an alternative way for dealing with the conflict.”

In a piece for the London  Observer on 6 June 2010, Ruth Sutherland wrote the following.

If the men from Mars ever wanted to manufacture a PR man, they would model their robot on Regev. No matter how formidable the interviewer, or how aggressive the questioning, he never buckles under pressure he almost lulls listeners into overlooking his aggression. He is always regretful about death and horror – he regrets that the non-Israeli victims brought their fate on themselves. Viewers are reduced to a trance of slack-jawed amazement at what he is prepared to say with a straight face. He is unlikely to win sceptics to Israel’s cause, but as a PR performer he is horribly compelling.”

Anybody who has watched this guy must agree. but for the noted British journalist Alan Hart, he is only compelling to “

Listen to him–it’s always Hamas, rockets, tunnels.Israel is always the aggrieved, the innocent ones who are desperately seeking peace.War is Peace as Orwell said.

On the cjarm offensive we had to endure the latest full page Globe and Mail ad which trotted out Elie Wiesel (hint, hint it’s the Holocaust and Jews are always innocent. Hamas now “ are guilty of sacrificing children.”.Even the London Times rejected this piece of folderol. Wiesel of course says nothing about lifting the siege of gaza and the festering Occupation

Jewish Theologian Marc Ellis was closer to the mark about Wiesel:

Of course, it’s also about the Holocaust, that vast swathe of traumatized Jewish identity that keeps breaking open even as Israel’s occupation regime and war machine go haywire.
The veterans of Holocaust discourse are older now, all in their eighties, but periodically they’re trotted out to support Israel – especially when there isn’t any viable way of doing so.
Call it the Holocaust trump card. Elie Wiesel’s wild.

Elie Wiesel can’t help himself. If he hasn’t debased himself and his cause enough on the subject of Israel in recent years, his latest is a stunner.

Teaming up with Shmuley Boteach, a rabbi whose book on Kosher sex made a splash some years ago and has been gaming right ever since, Wiesel has just penned a paid statement making the rounds of major newspapers and other media outlets.

When will intelligent people see through the lies?



  1. 1

    What are your comments on Obama’s ordering airstrikes against Islamic militants in Iraq?

    • 2
      mushafta Says:

      You raise a valid and interesting point Francesco 49. Not sure what the right answer is. I read in the NCR what Jesuit Fr Reis thinks- that American military intervention has not worked. Perhaps this new pope will bring about a more ecumenical dialogue- with which to start.

  2. 3
    mushafta Says:

    Right on Ted!
    You keep hitting the nail on the head
    This PR guy sums it all up! Complete fraud!

    The majority of bystanders are clueless as to what an occupation is; clueless as to the suffering; clueless as to the situation in Gaza.

    Give the media credit. They’re doing a hell of a fine job indoctrinating the masses about the total innocence of Israel.

    One question: were the demonstrations yesterday in Gaza authentic or were they ordered by the powers that be?

  3. 4

    How can everyone be clueless about the so called occupation? How is it that Jews and Arabs living in the region, for example, all be clueless? How can those who have spent their lives studying this situation and who have carefully concluded that Israel has a right to defend itself, how is it that they are all clueless? It is no doubt true that some people are clueless, but how is it that you can assert with such confidence that those who take the opposite position are all clueless? Doesn’t that strike you as arrogant?

    Also, the very fact that you can ask the question whether the demonstrations in Gaza were authentic or ordered by the powers that be reveals that there is something profoundly amiss in that country. Do you ever see demonstrations in Israel ordered by the powers that be? No, only in Muslim dictatorships do you see this. Isn’t that a clue?

    Also, I did not make a point in my previous post. I simply asked a question. And yes, military intervention has not solved the problem. But what will? Discussion? A friendly lunch together and friendly negotiations? Is that what will work? Are there any evil people in your world besides Americans and Capitalists? Are there any people who simply love evil? Who love conflict?

    • 5
      mushafta Says:

      Obama this morning is outraged that a massacre is taking place in Iraq and America will not stand by and watch without coming to the help of Christians there.

      Are you kidding me? And your American arms are doing the exact same thing to civilians in Palestine? You blessed hypocrite!

  4. 6
    mushafta Says:

    I am in complete agreement with this morning’s opinion article in the Toronto Star!

    The sight of Canadian MPs and party leaders falling over themselves to support Israel’s slaughter of the innocent is sickening. Canada stands disgraced.

    All three major political parties would have Canadians believe that Israel is the victim of unprovoked Hamas terrorism; that terrorism exists only on one side of this conflict; that Israel is merely defending itself; that only Israel has the right to defend itself; and that Middle East history began on June 12, 2014.

    Any narrative that strips the conflict of its context — Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians — is a gross misrepresentation.

    NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is not uninformed about world affairs. I do not suppose for a moment that he is ignorant about the nature of the conflict, its history, and background. One can only conclude that the misrepresentation is deliberate. It amounts to lying to the Canadian people. For the NDP to lend support, implicit or otherwise, to Israeli war crimes and the ongoing oppression of Palestinians smacks of the deepest cynicism.

  5. 7

    Obama this morning is outraged that a massacre is taking place in Iraq and America will not stand by and watch without coming to the help of Christians there.

    Are you kidding me? And your American arms are doing the exact same thing to civilians in Palestine? You blessed hypocrite!

    Are YOU kidding me? So Isreal is an arm of the U.S? An arm is a part of the body. If I stab somebody with my right arm/hand, I have committed murder, not my arm. If Israel is merely an arm of the U.S., then one cannot blame Israel for what is happening, but the U.S. Do you think before you write? The Palestinians are launching rockets and targeting not just soldiers, but any Israeli. Are the Christians in Iraq launching rockets? Are they building tunnels and using valuable resources to build up the offensive? Are they even involved in a conflict?


    • 8
      mushafta Says:

      Francesco 49- go back to your fairy tale books . You don’t get it. Why not write a letter to the star knocking that article?
      Have you spent one day in Gaza? Do you know any Palestinians? Why are they more determined than ever to keep fighting? Instead if reading Israeli propaganda.– go and experience first hand real live oppression and real live bombing!

  6. 9
    mushafta Says:

    Why don’t you tell Tony Burman he’s an idiot Francesco49?

    Tell him you love Netanyahu for destroying mass populations of innocent people.

    Let him know how much you appreciate the blockade of goods for survival coming into Palestine.

    And while you’re at it, send a note to our own beloved right wing PM congratulating him on his moral courage siding with this Israeli war mongering criminal!

    • 10
      mushafta Says:

      Published on Aug 09 2014
      Tony Burman
      Congratulations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Mission accomplished — at least on your terms.
      Your government’s war on Gaza has resulted in more than 1,800 Palestinian deaths, most of them civilian, including nearly 400 children. But as the latest ceasefire began Tuesday, only three Israeli civilians had been killed and your approval rating among fellow Israelis stood at an overwhelming 77 per cent.
      So — even though the equally immoral Hamas faction still rules Gaza, another generation of young Palestinians has been radicalized and the dream of an enduring peace has again been sabotaged — your re-election seems assured. In terms of your political survival, at least, a job well done.
      But in the broad sweep of history, the judgment will not be so gentle. The widespread atrocities inflicted by the Israelis on Gaza and the terror unleashed by Hamas on southern Israel were both criminal and unnecessary. But the horrific scale of Israel’s military response — a form of collective punishment of the Palestinian people — will do more to imperil the future of the State of Israel than undermine the Palestinian cause.
      The simple truth is that the war crimes condoned during the past month by the leaders of both sides could have been avoided — if only the international community had the courage to intervene.
      It was ironic that the Gazan conflict eased this week on the very day that leaders in Europe and Canada solemnly marked the moment 100 years ago when World War I officially started. Many of the modern crises in the Middle East date back to the aftermath of that war.
      World War 1 stands as a reminder of the damage that indifferent, self-serving leaders — “sleepwalking” to war — can do to the course of history. But the paralysis of the international community is once again on display.
      In every way possible, Netanyahu and his extreme right-wing government have worked to sabotage the notion of a “two-state” solution between Israelis and Palestinians — ignoring the very threat this will create for Israel’s future. But the international community has meekly acquiesced.
      Through its occupation and blockade, sustained by a military that is overwhelmingly funded by the U.S. and supported by other Western countries such as Canada, Israel has created an “open-air prison” in Gaza that can only produce despair and hopelessness among Palestinians. It is in this environment that a Hamas can thrive.
      By consistently humiliating and marginalizing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Netanyahu has undermined the entire moderate Palestinian cause. And it is in this political context that a Hamas can survive.
      Last Monday night at Westminster Abbey, there was a candlelight vigil marking Britain’s declaration of war 100 years ago. It recalled the words of the British foreign secretary at the time who famously said: “The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”
      Sayeeda Warsi, a British Conservative government minister and the highest-ranking Muslim in U.K. politics, was chosen as one of four people who snuffed out a candle and pitched the congregation of dignitaries into symbolic darkness. But it was her last act as a government minister. The next day, she resigned.
      Warsi said that the failure of Prime Minister David Cameron’s government to condemn Israel for its attacks on Gaza was “morally indefensible.” On British television, she elaborated: “It is unnecessary to kill innocent civilians, to displace one-quarter of the population and to flatten schools, hospitals and water supplies in Gaza to achieve your ends.”
      Since the 1980s, some of the most intractable global problems have been confronted. These included communism and the Soviet Union, the apartheid regime in South Africa and even the endless troubles in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict goes on with impunity — with innocent civilians being caught in the crossfire at every stage.
      The wisest proposal emerging from the ashes of the past week came from Laurent Fabius, France’s foreign minister and a former French prime minister. He called on the international community to impose a solution on the two sides, saying they have shown themselves completely unable to negotiate.
      Tony Burman, former head of Al-Jazeera English and CBC News, teaches journalism at Ryerson University. Reach him @TonyBurman

  7. 11

    make it plain, mushafta!

  8. 12

    You raise a valid and interesting point Francesco 49. Not sure what the right answer is.

    Well it certainly didn’t take you long to lose that uncertainty and begin pronouncing with absolute certitude.

    You must be a young lady, Mushafta. A bet you are just under 20.

  9. 14
    mushafta Says:

    Well Francesco 49- your wishes came true!
    An appearance at today’s rally by our own Cardinal Collins!
    Such a decent man! Did he neglect to mention the holocaust in Gaza? Must have slipped his mediocre mind.

  10. 15

    Mediocre mind! Wow! Coming from you? Wow! He probably did not mention it because of something to do with Hamas, a terrorist organization whose goal is to wipe out any and all Israelis, men, women, children.

  11. 16

    What is interesting is that Ted has not yet mentioned ISIS. But that’s not repugnant, and of course he does not have a mediocre mind. He’s a prophet, a bright light to us all.

    • 17
      mushafta Says:

      This is a very difficult call Francesco.
      Dorothy Day was a strict pacifist; not so Catherine Doherty. But the Crusades did not work- and it took centuries to make that profound apology. I have personally witnessed that level of violence and it has a lasting devastating effect, but I could not willingly kill someone. I cannot see any signs in the gospel that Jesus would condone this level of violence. He was all about love, not war. Something the U.S. Just does not comprehend. The early Christians from my understanding were pacifists. We now live in the nuclear age. Very troubling times!

  12. 18
    mushafta Says:

    How did this Schabas bobblehead get to determine if Israel guilty of war crimes?

    A Canadian law professor chosen to helm a United Nations commission examining possible war crimes in Gaza scoffed Monday at charges he’s biased against Israel, while Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird scoffed at the UN.

    “The suggestion that I’m anti-Israel is absurd,” William Schabas said Monday in an interview from Toronto, pointing out that he’s on the editorial board of the Israel Law Review.

    Today’s Globe and Mail:
    “Like everybody inside and outside Israel, I disagree with people. Is everyone in Israel who has an opinion about (Benjamin) Netanyahu anti-Israel?”

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