Stephen Harper ecological outlaw


So there is Barack Obama and UK PM Cameron fresh from the Scottish referendum and isn’t that France’s Francois Hollande—and 150 other leaders in New York City for the UN Secretary-General’s Climate summit. 150,000 are expected to send a serious message to world leaders that their performance on this pressing moral issue is woefully inadequate.


And missing in action the international climate scofflaw Canada’s Stephen Harper who is sending his environmental minister the hapless Leona Aglukkaq to the deliberations, She is just the latest  environmental minister sent by the climate denying PM to stall any serious change.

The Council of Canadians climate voice Andrea Harden-Donahue, nailed it: “ Our federal government has transformed Canada into a climate criminal. Canada has the worst climate policy of all so-called developed countries – including no plans to curb emissions from the oil and gas sector, despite promising this for years… We can have a livable world or tar sands expansion, not both. It is a key reason why we need to be present in this historic march, to represent the opposition that exists to the Canadian government’s complete failure to address climate change.


Last week at the G-8 meeting in L’Aquila, Italy, Canada was dead last in reducing its production of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.



Here’s Germany which has 25% of its electricity produced by renewable energy and here’s Stephen Harper, defending the biggest scar on nature the Tar Sands.

Sadly the PM never understood the fact that the Great Economy is the natural world which sustains everything not what we extract from the bowls of the earth. Real leaders and serious stewards understand this but in a capitalism run amok, greed trumps everything.





A rising tide of citizen activism marches through the streets of New York bearing the message ‘People, Planet, Peace over Profit but Canada’s Prime Minister is missing in action.



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Far more important to revoke citizenship of home grown terrorists than deal with a matter like climate change. Who cares if it’s unconstitutional and creates two classifications of citizens; who cares if it smacks of George Bush’s faux pas call for a crusade against Muslims; who cares if it fails to examine the root cause of the ISIS crisis; who cares if there’s no connection between the Canadian government’s unrelenting support of Israel and its effects on the Arab world. The only thing that matters is the economy and the uocoming election! It’s about jobs! The unprecedented flooding of Calgary and this summer’s big snow dump on southern Alberta, the forest fires in B.C., the wiping out of bridges in New Brunswick from torrential rains- all secondary to the economy and getting re-elected!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    Take that Harper! Over 3 hundred thousand Climate Change marchers in New York alone! Look out Harper! People power will overpower your inaction on climate change!

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    Lawyers are now demanding justice on climate change!
    Take notice in today’s Star:

    “An increasing number of extreme weather events are wreaking havoc on the world’s most vulnerable people and bulldozing economies, but climate laws are woefully inadequate to deal with human rights, says a groundbreaking new report by an influential lawyers’ group.

    The group also calls for the creation of an international court on the environment that would deal with climate change disputes, much like the United Nation’s International Court of Justice.”

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