The faux patriots



Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

So said Samuel Johnson in 1775.

Frank Magazine used to run a funny bit seeing who the first person to wear a poppy in the parliament—always way before Remembrance Day. It was always Preston Manning the dark prince of the prairies, a man who has done as much as anybody to prepare the way froe Stephen Harper, the democracy destroyer.Ever the great Canadain patriots.

They wear poppies and then do all they can to erode the real Canadian democracy.

Guys like this are always wearing patriotism as their get out of jail card, their cheap way of bumping military budgets while eroding the tax base for social goods—which we cannot afford. always more monery for war preparation and tax breaks for their base.And all that cheap rhetoric about fighting the terrorists.

Now after the tragedy in Ottawa get ready for armed guards in front of Tim Hortons.The overkill is just over the hill and Harper of course will run on the patriot’s card—keeping us all safe from “the terrorists.”


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    mushafta Says:

    Right on Ted! Once again!
    Surprised they haven’t “rounded us up” yet as potential terrorists for disagreeing with the Harper line. Mind you– I wouldn’t put anything past this guy. How does a guy cosy up to Netanyahu and stay squeaky clean with an untarnished image when his closest Middle East buddy is a murderous thug? When will this gang wake up and actually learn something about Middle East politics?

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