The madness continues

Two Palestinian cousins armed with meat cleavers and a gun stormed a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayers Tuesday, killing four people in the city’s bloodiest attack in years. Police killed the attackers in a shootout.


Heart sick to hear this.


A renegade suicide hit which makes an ugly situation even worse.


All the Palestinians we met had long ago foresworn violence.Some sadly are driven to lash out.


The Shin Bet security service chief Yoram Cohen told members of a Knesset committee that the perpetrators had no previous security records.He also stated that PA leadee Mahmoud Abbas does not encourage such attacks.


Undoubtedly PM Netanyahu will escalate the violence and so the death dance goes on.


Some Palestinians have obviously reached the end of their patience.They watch as their land even in Jerusalem is gobbled up ,the Al Aqsa Mosque is being threatened and Canad and the US continue to give Isfrael a blank cheque for the longest modern day occupation which mocks the values of Judaism


Here is a picture taken a week ago  in the Ibrahim mosque in Hebron.


It was here on Feb 25,1994 that the mad settler Dr.Baruch Godstein murdered 29 Palestinians  who like yesterday’s victims had come to pray.


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    mushafta Says:

    It is a very sad situation. My heart goes out to all ! When will this madness end? Settling the score means only continued escalation of violence.

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