Why has Israel no constitution?

One of the reasons israel has no constitution is that it would have to honour the human rights of all its citizens. The 1948 Declaration of Independence states “complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.”

20% of israeli citizens are Arabs.

Ask them about “the complete equality of social and political rights”.

Now the supreme Prevaricator in Chief PM Netanyahu is trying to square the circle again.He and his cabinet approved a bill yesterday enshrining Israel as ‘Jewish nation-state’. So you can have democracy and a state which privileges one group?

By, bye the dignity and the human rights of the Arab citizens. Their dignity as of today is about one fourth the dignity of a Jewish citizen when it comes to water, roads, garbage collection, employment in the civil service(I guess it should be 1 in 5), unemployment benefits and a radically underfunded Arab school system, one which allows the security force the Shin Bet to vet principals,teachers and caretakers.Gotta watch those subversive caretakers for sure.
The latter of course is laughable.the official lie for the separate system is to ensure the Arab citizens can preserve its culture, language and heritage.” As if the state gives a damn about these things. Always, always the language coming from the state is couched in the most liberal,democratic language.Its purpose of course is to hide the truth.

In 2012 the brilliant academic thhe Israeli professor of education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Nurit Peled-Elhanan eviscerated the Israeli school system when it came its anti-Arab racism. Examining 17 israeli text books on history,geography and civics, she concluded,”“The books studied here harness the past to the benefit of the … Israeli policy of expansion, whether they were published during leftist or right-wing [education] ministries” (224).
And “through the use of exclusion and absence: “none of the textbooks studied here includes, whether verbally or visually, any positive cultural or social aspect of Palestinian life-world: neither literature nor poetry, neither history nor agriculture, neither art nor architecture, neither customs nor traditions are ever mentioned” (49)

And the hasbara coming from Israel and believed in Toronto:”Those Arabs are taught to hate.”


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    mushafta Says:

    Winder why our media never talk about these interesting facts! The fear of any hint of anti-semitism – just too much to handle.

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