Max Blumenthal muzzled; Angela Merkel living in past


Max Blumenthal’s book Goliath is the best popular look at contemporary Israel. Blumenthal is always worth reading.Recently he toured Germany where some German politicians tried to marginalize him with the old hoary canard—antisemitic.
Now Max is an American Jew who is about as sharp as they come when it comes to reporting on Israel. When Gazawas attacked during the summer, German Chancellor Merkel promised to “stand by the side of Israel.” About as bad as Stephen Harper, I guess. the woman needs to read former speaker of the Knnesset Avaraham Burg’s the Holocaust is Over


What is interesting of course is that Merkel seems to be still quivering in the shadow of the Holocaust and Germany’s odious role.
Under Merkel’s leadership, the Berlin government has been equipping Israel with submarines that reportedly carry nuclear weapons.
In an interview Blumenthal described Germany’s post Holocaust attitude (guilt/) toward the Jewish state:

The negation of Palestinian lives has been German policy since the days of Konrad Adenauer [chancellor of West Germany from 1949 to 1963]. In those days Israel had no problem to negotiate on Holocaust reparations with the head of the chancellery, Hans Globke, who was a known Nazi in the Third Reich. This cash flow from Germany went directly to the Israeli occupation machine that has made the Palestinians indirect victims of the Holocaust. The current bloodshed is a result of this policy and every German should ask himself: how does this policy honor the Holocaust?


Blumenthal was responding to a Green party member Volker Beck who wanted Blumenthal and fellow journalist also Jewish,David Sheen silenced.


The reason for this is the fact that they do not want to know of another version of Judaism and they certainly do not want to hear about the facts on the ground. Their attitude actually promotes anti-Semitism. It is simply anti-Semitic to equate Zionism with Judaism and to limit Jewish identity to the narrow confines of Israeli nationalism. For a gentile politician to do it is beyond disgusting.


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