Netanyahu the Second Class Citizenship Man


Facebook Postings: Second Class Citizenship

Palestinian legislators among others in the Israeli Parliament criticized a controversial new bill defining Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.
The proposed legislation, which was approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on November 30 is expected to get its first reading in the parliament, or Knesset, next week.
It is designed to demote Arabic – spoken by the fifth of the population who belong to the country’s Palestinian minority – from its current status as an official language, and makes “Jewish tradition” and “the prophets of Israel” a primary source of legal and judicial authority.
More specifically, it formally defines Israel as belonging to Jews around the world rather than to its citizens, which includes 1.5 million Palestinians.
Bull-headed Netayahu a lifelong expansionist Israeli, the true son of his father an idolator of the Likud guru Zeev Jabotinsky, wants all of the West Bank for Israel.
Israel,the only true democracy in the west—sounds very hollow today.
Look how far Israel has come from simply wanting a “homeland” to live side by side with the Palestinian people to, all right we were lying, we always wanted a state.and then the Declaration of Independence in 1948 (to appease a slumbering world) it in Paragraph 13 assured complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; based on the prophetsof Israel…

Based on the prophets…as Jackie Gleason used to say, “Dat’s rich!”
Adalah the Haifa based centre for Palestinian Rights  stated that there are more than 55 laws that confer superior status on Jewish citizens.
That is the meaning of an ethnocracy,not a democracy.



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    mushafta Says:

    Good thing you’re here to inform us Ted! The reason Harper gets re-elected time after time is the massive ignorance and willful lack of desire to know what’s going on in our world.

    Thankfully- there are people like yourself speaking out.

    This is the guy who’s bent on settling the score. Well- he has a friend in Ottawa who views the world exactly the same. We’ll see just how long these neanderthals will last.

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