Israelis are fed up with Netanyahu

ISRAELIS ARE fed up with Binyamin Netanyahu. They are fed up with the government. They are fed up with all political parties. They are fed up with themselves. They are fed up.
So begins 91 year old Uri Avnery’s latest column.

Credentials impeccable: fought in the 1948 war which established the state of Israel, then sat in the Knesset.
Now like many Jews of conscience he watches as Israel rapidly implodes. all under the catastrophic misleadership of the territoirial expansionist and Arab hater, Bibi Netanyahu.

Uri refreshes our memory:.
In 2000, In the evening after the election, when it was announced that Netanyahu had been defeated, there was an explosion of enthusiasm. Tens of thousands of delirious citizens streamed spontaneously to Tel Aviv’s central Rabin Square and cheered the savior, Ehud Barak, the leader of the Labor Party. He announced the Dawn of Another Day.
Safdly the jubilation was premature!
Unfortunately, Barak turned out to be a sociopath and an egomaniac, if not a megalomaniac. He missed the chance of peace at the Camp David conference and in the process almost completely destroyed the Israeli peace movement. The Right, this time under Ariel Sharon, came back. Then under Ehud Olmert. Then under Netanyahu again. And Again.
And now again?
God forbid!

What does the future hold—new elections, maybe another Netanyahu government which woulod omly lead Israel deeper into the abyss.Uri 3 weeks ago wrote:

The Netanyahu government is leading the country towards disaster. It is systematically destroying all chances for peace, enlarging settlements in the West Bank and especially East Jerusalem, stoking the fires of a religious war on the Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary, denouncing both Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas at the same time. All this after the superfluous Gaza War, which ended in a military draw and a human disaster that continues unabated to this day.

At the same time, the government is bombarding the Knesset with an endless stream of racist and anti-democratic bills, each worse than the last, culminating in the bill called “Israel: the Nation-State of the Jewish People”, which eliminates the term “Jewish and Democratic State” as well as the word “Equality”.

The worst of the above is the shockingmove toward citizenship is not based on basic democratic rights but the rights of an ethnocracy.Jews in, Arab citizens out. So much for the “only democracy in the Middle East” which utterly marginalizes 20% of the country’s citzizens.

Uri holds out hope–a coalition, a bloc of centrist and leftist parties
“The declared purpose should be to put an end to the catastrophic drift of the country towards the abyss and to oust not just Netanyahu, but the whole bunch of settlers, nationalist and racist demagogues, war-mongers and religious zealots. It should appeal to all sectors of Israeli society, women and men, Jews and Arabs, Orientals and Ashkenazis, secular and religious, Russian and Ethiopian immigrants. All those who fear for the future of Israel and are resolved to save it.”


Good luck,Uri, a consummation devoutly to be wished.


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