Hanukkah abused by Netanyahu

Wednesday morning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly sent around joyous picture of how he views Hanukkah. it was the first day of the Festival of Lights.This holiday ranks quite low  in the Jewish canon and  as such was hijacked by Zionism. Originally a time of contemplation and gratitude, with ideologues like Netanyahu it now serves as a model of Jewish nationalism. with Likudniks  it salutes the tough Jew, the new Hebrew rather than the traditional Torah Jew who championed interiority,humility and compassion.In capitalist America it gives Jews a chance to compete with Christians in the consumer orgy of “the holiday season.

Here’s the bellicose PM with guard dogs and 2 members of the IDF looking like members of the NRA.


Such is the season of peace in Israel.

After lighting the first Hanukkah candle Netanyahu then launched into an absurd paean of praise for the IDF,”the most moral army in the world’. That is Netanyahu’s world.This is an army which regularly dehumanizes  and humiiiates Palestinians.

These sad leaders are locked into an out of date bellicose, macho worldview inimical to peace and understanding.They will even stoop to co-opt the sacred symbols of Judaism.Wait till you see what they do with passover and the liberation of the oppressed.

Happy Hanukkah, Mr Prime Minister!


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