Bethlehem, the Wall and the Verboten Other


The CBC ran a feel-good piece on Friday night, a warm and fuzzy Christmas story about 4 Jewish women coming to Bethlehem as part of a tour group.They of course had to get special permission because Israeli Jews can not enter Bethlehem versa without the strictest permissions.
This is the racist state’s long thought out policy to keep the two groups apart. They simply do not want israelis to see Palestinians as the Other. This way it is easier to stereotype and continue the policy of incremental genocide, pushing the Palestinians out “dunam by dunam, goat by goat.’” They go about their dehumanizing policies  slowly so as not to get their protector the USA too angry.

To anybody who has been to bethlehem the story was hilarious. The lovely Jewish women had a ball. They were received with typical Palestinian hospitality. They were invited into homes for dinner but oyvey, their husbands and family were going crazy with worry. They had bought the Kool aid that the Palestinians are savages who want to kill us etc.

One poor chump phoned his wife 3 times asking her if she was all right!
Now there are Jews in palestine 500,000 settlers in the West Bank who live there in violation of international law. They travel on “Jews only” roads and never have to meet the dreaded Palestinians. They surrounded by guard towers laughing at the USA as they establish “facts on the ground” so there can never be a contiguous palestinian state their blood brothers. The Separation Wall is well named. Keeping people apart is the evil, inhuman policy which guarantees Israelis will never have to meet “the Other.”
Needless to say the four women had a ball but their families are still encased in a bubble of fear


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    It is so crazy making…actually, there is indication that more like 3/4 M israelis living in the West Bank Illegally–but of course the signs say “fear” entry…my understanding from a UN official I spoke with this fall is that there is no Israeli legislation that prevents Israeli’s from entering A and B areas…despite the rhetoric and the horrendous WARNING signs…of course as anyone who visits the West Bank (Bethlehem and beyond to all corners of the West Bank) finds out immediately–one never feels more safe…the people look after each other and the stranger…not exactly, how I found Tel Aviv and other parts of Israel where if you don’t speak Hebrew you are likely to be shunned…the rhetoric of such a visit by these women is anger making indeed…just a stunt for the western media me thinks!

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