Happy Hanukkah from the IDF


Happy Holidays from the Israel Defense Forces!

This was no parody. And you cannot make this stuff up.

This is how sick Israel has become.Many great people for sure but as a country it lives in‘a bubble.Having elected nobody who has not come out of 1948 war on Palestine thinking, it is still trapped in a militarist mind set.A psychiatrist can have a field day with this photo.

Catholic churches in the USA often have the flag on the altar (empire allegiance) but Jesus has yet to show up with a machine gun.

One wag in response to this pathetic picture wrote an interesting comment:
Seriously, imagine the reaction if a Palestinian militant were to tweet a photo of himself breaking the Ramadan fast while wearing his military attire. The Israelis would leap on this as ‘proof’ that just about everyone and everything in Palestine is a legitimate target, and the next time a mosque in Gaza was bombed, we’d be reminded of that photo and how, for Arabs, religion and violence were inseparable blah blah blah.

No wonder the dude in this photo doesn’t dare to show his face.



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    the brave truth…

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