Father Abraham’s 42nd Yahrzeit

Judaism has a wonderful tradition of the yahrzeit, the anniversary of the death of a loved one

Saturday is the 42nd anniversary of the death of one of my spiritual guides Abraham Heschel.
Heschel was a controversial figure in the Jewish community—much like Jesus was in his time.He had a broad vision of what it meant to be holy. He shook up much of contemporary Judaism by suggesting that the place to be for Torah jews was on the front lines of the struggle for racial equality in America.
Prayer without action he kept insisting was meaningless.
Another rabbinic chestnut along the same line:
The human side of religion, its creeds and rituals and instructions is a way rather than a goal. The goal is “to do justice love mercy..

So when Father Abraham, as his good friend Bill Coffin called him, returned from marching with Dr.King in Alabama, he said: I felt that my legs were praying.

in many ways Pope Francis is telling Catholics to get off their culos and do something aboyt climate justrice.Leave the sanctuary and get on the road to Jericho.


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    mushafta Says:

    Say Francesco!
    I know you are a life long reader of Ted.
    In today’s news there is a story about the title of Martyr being attributed to Oscar Romero!

    Tell me, when was the first time you hear about this guy? It was back in the 70s as I recall, I hadn’t got a clue who this guy was until Ted talked about him and humorously mentioned that the majority of Catholic teachers thought him to be a baseball hero.
    I was one of those guys.

    And today, if it weren’t for Ted talking about all of the goings-on in Palestine, I too would be in the same darkness as I was back then!

    Long live Heschel the Jewish disturber
    Long live Romero the Martyr
    Long live Ted the prophet

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