Netanyahu the Non-leader


France told Netanyahu to stay home. He came anyway.

Always read the Letters to the Editor.

On online journals the anonymous crowd with their fake names often speak in a most undiplomatic way.

Also you learn things the mainline press omits like the narrowing of opinion in Israel. Imagine Jews will only be happy in Israel! I did not know that! Neither did most of the world’s Jews who say,”You gotta be kidding.’ Yair Lapid (below) is a very influential Israeli politician but look at the nonsense he spins after the killing of for French Jews in Paris.

Former Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid invoked the Holocaust to compel European Jews toimmigrate to Israel: “I don’t want to speak in terms of Holocaust, but … European Jewry must understand that there is just one place for Jews, and that is the State of Israel.” –

A saner voice was Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director of the European Jewish Association, who said that he regretted that “after every anti-Semitic attack in Europe, the Israeli government issues the same statements about the importance of aliyah [immigration to Israel], rather than employ every diplomatic and informational means at its disposal to strengthen the safety of Jewish life in Europe.”

And the Palestinian American blogger Ali Abunimah points out at Electronic Intifada Israel has worked to exploit the French violence in several ways:

While Netanyahu was certainly playing to a domestic audience, his presence in Paris is also part of Israel’s swift move to capitalize on the horror in France on a number of fronts: to attack the Palestinians, to sharpen the dangerous discourse of a “war of civilizations” and to speed up the population transfer of Jews from Europe.

More critical and biting commentary followed about Lapid’s incredible remarks.Here’s one from “Marnie”

Israel is a nation like apartheid South Africa – what a wonderful thing to be! And yes, you French Jews who are yearning to breath Jewish only air, drive on Jewish only roads, live in Jewish only settlements, never again have to look at a non-Jew again (well, that’s in the works, be patient, we’ll get there!). Join the Jews only party being held in your honor in Eretz Israel. Of course, your sons and daughters will belong to the state as soon as they graduate high school, hope that’s not a problem for you. We’ll have them indiscriminately kill women, children and the elderly every election cycle too, but that’s a small price to pay to live in the Jewish Disneyworld of the ME!
Give up your life, your friends, your family – family schamly – you belong to the state of Israel. You are a Jew and there’s no other place for you except this land we are steadily acquiring, inch by bloody inch. If you don’t join us you’re dead to us, lost in the assimilation, a self-hating fake Jew, Muslim-loving antisemite.

then AMIGO says this

Come to your home for Jews only , where you will be safer. Where you can live in Jews only housing and drive on Jews only roads .We are working hard to create that for you , so why not join us and be part of the movement. Come one, come all. –
Final sane word from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoga who lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for attending a solidarity event in Paris.

“Someone who fomented state terrorism with the death of 2,500 people in Gaza is now there [in Paris], waving at other world leaders and marching hand in hand with them,”



  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Right on again Ted!
    Would that every nation could be so down right racist with this point of you and exclude others who are not the same.
    Totally disgusting!

  2. 2
    mushafta Says:

    It was good to see the comments of Frances today who described the mockery of the cartoons as childish – making fun of your mother. And one should expect to get a punch for that.
    He is the one classy world leader who is not afraid to step up and make the right statement. A first class referee!
    It’s too bad he’s all alone on the world stage.

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    Take this John Baird!
    Today’s Globe and Mail carries this- excerpt from

    Dr. Saeb Erekat is Palestinian chief negotiator and a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee.

    After listening the past few years to Mr. Baird going out of his way to legitimize the banality and brutality of a 50-year-old Israeli occupation, I tell Mr. Baird: enough. If there is anyone that has to apologize, it is Mr. Baird himself. He should first apologize to his own citizenry, many of whom are God-loving Jews, Christians and Muslims who would never condone nor cheer for an Israeli government that stretches support to Israeli settlers who attack churches and mosques.

    Mr. Baird should apologize for his active encouragement of Israel’s brute and ugly occupation and its apartheid policies. He should apologize for failing to promote those things Canadians hold dear such as freedom, dignity and human rights and for replacing those ideals with an outspoken support of Israel’s clear and undisputed violations of international law.”

  4. 4
    mushafta Says:

    Chris Hedges is banned from a conference because he compared Israel to Issis:

    Ex-NYT reporter Chris Hedges banned from Penn conference over Israel comments
    01/04/15 5:32pm

    Former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges was banned from a Penn conference about the possibility of peace in the Middle East after he compared Israel to ISIS.

    Hedges had been invited to speak at the conference sponsored by Penn’s International Affairs Association (IAA) that will take place on April 3. However, the former Middle East bureau chief had his invitation revoked after his controversial comments about Israel that appeared in his column for

    His column was entitled “ISIS – the new Israel” and included the following excerpt.

    “[ISIS’] quest for an ethnically pure Sunni state mirrors the quest for a Jewish state eventually carved out of Palestine in 1948. Its tactics are much like those of the Jewish guerrillas who used violence, terrorism, foreign fighters, clandestine arms shipments and foreign money, along with horrific ethnic cleansing and the massacre of hundreds of Arab civilians, to create Israel.”

    After the column was written, Zachary Michael Belnavis, a member of the IAA, wrote to those organizing the conference about Hedges’ inclusion in it.

    “In light of this comparison, we don’t believe he would be suitable to a co-existence speaker based on this stance he’s taken,” Belnavis wrote in an email.

    Hedges wrote another column about being banned that said he was unsurprised that his comments led to his ban.

  5. 5
    mushafta Says:

    go backNews Top Stories

    John Baird’s convoy pelted with eggs in West Bank
    Activists called for boycott of foreign minister over his government’s perceived pro-Israel stance
    12:24 PM ET
    The Associated Press
    media duration: 14:36play video
    Sunday Scrum: John Baird’s egg pelting
    media duration: 3:09play video
    Baird faces West Bank protest
    Dozens of Palestinian protesters in Ramallah have hurled eggs and shoes at the convoy of Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird.

    Baird travelled to the West Bank city today to meet with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

    The protesters held signs reading: “Baird you are not welcome in Palestine.”

    On Mobile? See the tweet here
    The protesters, who were waiting as Baird left Malki’s office, were kept well back and Baird was not hit, authorities say. One media report says only one of the eggs landed on the roof of his car.

    CBC’s Derek Stoffel said Baird downplayed the incident while talking to reporters later in Jerusalem, after his meeting with Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

    “Listen, I was in Mike Harris’s cabinet for four years. I’ve had a lot worse,” he said, referring to the man who was Ontario’s premier from 1995 until 2002.

    Activists from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party had earlier called for a boycott of the minister because of the Canadian government’s perceived pro-Israel stance.

    Baird is in the region for four days of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

    In a statement this morning, he described his meeting with Malki was “cordial and constructive,” and said it included “candid and frank exchanges on areas where we differ in opinion.”

    Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says his meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki was ‘cordial and constructive.’ (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)
    Canada is opposed to the recent Palestinian bid to pursue war crime charges against Israel.

    Baird’s statement says he asked Malki to “strongly reconsider the consequences of moving forward with any action that may be counterproductive to a negotiated solution with the State of Israel.”

    It was also his first meeting with the Palestinian Authority since the United Nations Security Council blocked a Palestinian motion to set a three-year deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state on lands occupied by Israel.

    John Baird to avoid contested holy site on Israel trip
    Baird has spoken out against the move, as he has with similar Palestinian statehood initiatives at the United Nations.

    Canada was among a handful of countries that voted against Palestinians’ successful bid to become a non-member state at the UN General Assembly in 2012. This month, Baird called a Palestinian move to join the International Criminal Court “concerning and dangerous”.

    He now heads back to Israel to continue his consultations.

    On Mobile? Click here for video of the protest on YouTube
    With files from CBC News and Reuters
    © The Associated Press, 2015The Canadian Press

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  6. 6
    bfinny Says:

    There were no shortage of hypocrites Marching in Paris. To only pick on BN is simply not fair. Saudi Arabian Ambassador to France Mohammed Ismail Al-Sheikh’s
    presence in the Paris march on the same day a journalist was being flogged for questioning Muslim Laws in his own country was confusing and laughable. One journalist I follow identified 12 hypocrites including BN in Paris supporting Charlie Hebdo. It was a PR circus to say the least. Lots of Non Leaders!

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