The Palestinian Gandhi

John Dominic Crossan the eminent Catholic biblical theologian appeared via skype at the United Church Jewish-Christian Dialogue on January 20.He spoke about being in Israel just before the 6 Day War broke out,the cake walk where Israel hyped the “potential holocaust”mantra to scare the crap out of the locals and send the diaspora into a frenzy.It turned out they always knew the Arabs were no match—years later even Menachem begin admitted it.

Republican Senator Arthur Vandenburg(Mich) in ’47 told Harry Truman the secret to getting the public to buy the Red Scare :”Scare the hell out of the people.” It always works.Fear always is a great manipulator.Now French Jews may be rushing to Israel after Charlie Hebdo.

anyway,Crossan’s topic was supposed to be the anti-judaism of the gospel.he’s very good here but was less so in his socio-political commentary.”Israel may be your enemy but the other arab countries are not your friends.” Here he was correct.
but then he wondered why—and is often questioned by others, the palestinians have never had their gandhi.They could have shut the whole of jerusalem down etc.

i had to interject and remind him that the palestinians always had potential Gandhis but Israel,espercially in the nonviolent leadership of Mubarak Awad–always throw such leaders out of the country before they get traction.This they did as they did to Awad or else in “the only democracy in the Middle East”, it s an extra-judicial murder.
From NEWSWEEK August 12,2014
Israel kicked him out in 1988. Five years earlier, he had opened the doors of the Palestinian Centre for the Study of Nonviolence in Jerusalem, with the goal of fomenting mass resistance to the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. Do not pay taxes, he lectured. Consume only local goods, like the Indians who followed Gandhi’s movement against British colonial rule. Engage in peaceful protest. Plant olive trees on land coveted by Jewish settlers. Above all, do not pick up the gun. March, and sit down, like civil rights protesters in the American South in the 1960s. Take the beatings, clog up Israeli jails.


Incidentally Awad’s young nephew Sami is a nonviolent Palestinian leader in Jerusalem today.Look out,Sami!

Crossan conceded that this area was not his strong suit and moved on to his briilliant biblical analysis.


  1. 1
    mushafta Says:

    Non violence is the only answer to this perpetual cycle of senseless violence.
    Jesus and Gandhi both got it right!

  2. 2

    mushafta: Are you Ted’s only fan? I see all these postings, ie . 7 comments, 3 comments, etc. and I think “Well, Ted’s got some activity on this blog”. But it’s all you.

    Ted has become a “one issues” theologian. That’s what he used to accuse the pro lifers of being. 1 issue people. If Ted is not a 1 issue person, I don’t know who is.

  3. 3
    mushafta Says:

    Hello there Francesco my dear good friend! I have a whole different take on you now. I think you are a very good man and being a very go close friend of Madonna House makes you a close friend of mine.
    Just take it easy on Ted please. Life is very short. I am in the hospital were three people have passed in the last six days and one never knows when one time is up. So much death and so few who practice the Christian code of caring for the sick and the other spiritual and corporal works of mercy. When I was younger I would visit the imprisoned and always take time to visit the sick and dying in the hospitals. It was something we were taught to do from very young. We are living in very selfish times and the degree of narcissism is absolutely astounding. The fixation on materialism and the acquisition of acquiring everything is utterly astounding in our society.
    Being here now for over three weeks has given me a very different outlook on life seeing so much suffering and so much death. Life is very short and one never knows the hour at which the master comes.

    I have been especially tuned in to Francis and his loving notes on Mercy.
    We all need to be more merciful. More forgiving. Less critical of each other. Now is the time for us to love more and bring more people into an inclusive church. This is the great Pope Francis speaking. He will indeed go down as one of the greatest Popes ever.

    Recently I was reading the Buddha. There was a great man who understood I’m important it was to practice compassion. He says so many times that fixation on money and materialism and selfishness is so destructive to the mind and soul. He too was on the same track of Christ on this topic.

    With regard to this blog and Ted, I knew know that many people simply come and read it and not comment as I have done many times. But the real reason I like to make a comment is to encourage Ted. We all need encouragement. I just want to say Francesco that I was anointed last Sunday by a Madonna House priest and it was the most beautiful experience. We are all on the journey Francesco! Speak well of Ted please! He definitely is one of my heroes. And you too are a great man!

  4. 4

    Hey there Mushafta: I’m sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. Is it St. Joseph’s? For some reason, that hospital comes to mind. I’m happy you had the anointing and that it was a wonderful experience. You are in my prayers.

    Yes, it is a different world. Not too many good nurses around. Few and far between. It is indeed a broken world. When I was in the hospital, I had the strange experience of knowing immediately whether the nurse who walked in cared or was completely indifferent. A hightened sensitivity or intuition. It was fascinating.

    Well, if you are still in the hospital, may the Lord bless you and comfort you and send his angels to watch over you.

    I’ll check in again soon,

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